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Sennheiser, Audeze and Focal are renowned manufacturers for offering the best open-back audiophile headphones in the world! Among them, we can also add the Romanian manufacturer Meze-Audio, which is not at its first attempt. Marketed three years ago now at the price of 3000 euros, the already legendary Meze Empyrean was immediately identified as one of the best helmets on the market in all categories. meze partnered with the Ukrainian firm Rinaro Isodynamics to develop this little gem. The latter’s research and development work has pushed the limits of planar magnetic technology.

Meze Audio Workshops

This winning combo sets the stage again in 2021 by developing the flagship of the range Meze-Audio. Equipped with even more advanced acoustics than its predecessor, the Meze Empyrean Elite has been designed with the utmost care. The manufacturing process of a single aluminum frame took about 20 hours. Handcrafted in the workshops Meze-Audio in Romania, the high-end headset does not compromise on sound performance.

The Rinaro Parus diaphragm weighs only 0.11 g

If it entirely takes over the luxurious design of its little brother, theEmpyrean Elite stands out with a transducer Isodynamic Hybrid Array significantly improved. Renamed MZ3SE, this exceptional transducer is equipped with the low-mass diaphragm Rinaro Parus. The latter contributes to offering a high-end acoustic architecture. Weighing only 0.11 grams, this exceptional transducer is above all the lightest and most advanced in the world. Built on an ultra-thin biaxially oriented semi-crystalline polymer film, the diaphragm meanwhile enhances the structural performance of the headset. Such a design in fact allows the polymer to be stretched in transverse directions at high temperatures. The sound waves are then targeted with the greatest precision around the ear. So you get a wide, natural and particularly well-articulated sound projection.

Driver Isodynamic Hybrid Array

The Meze Empyrean Elite implements two virtual lanes

Different from those of conventional planar transducers, the diaphragm Rinaro Parus uses two voice coils to achieve ultra-precise, distortion-free sound reproduction across the entire spectrum. Two virtual channels are thus created thanks to a network of magnets oriented towards the auditory canal, and a wider one covering the rest of the shape of the ear. A coil in the shape of a spiral is dedicated to the midrange and the treble, while a coil in a circle takes care of the bass. These different shapes ensure excellent sound projection, homogeneous and without latency. The neodymium magnets of Meze Empyrean Elite, meanwhile, are placed symmetrically on either side of the diaphragm. This results in a magnetic field which ensures uniform activation on the surface of the diaphragm.

The excellent ergonomics of the helmet Meze Empyrean Elite is also noteworthy! Its ovoid shape allows the drivers to perfectly fit the contours of the ear. The magnetic field emitted by the transducers is further attenuated by high-quality ferromagnetic pads. All of these improvements allow the helmet to display performance far superior to that of theEmpyrean classic. We note in particular a widened frequency response of 3 at 112,000Hz and a harmonic distortion rate lower than 0.05%. A sensitivity of 101dB also allows it to be powered by all amplifiers on the market.

Hand assembly of an Empyrean Elite Meze

Polymer case and CNC machined aluminum structure

Special mention will be made of the use of components that contribute to its legendary sound. You can indeed count on extremely light combinations of drivers and a reinforced polymer case. The latter is specially designed to withstand the demanding load generated by hybrid magnets. You will also note that the helmet has an aluminum structure CNC machined. A carbon fiber headband and a leather headrest are also included to match the shape of your head realistically. The weight of the helmet is thus evenly distributed for exceptional wearing comfort. In order to vary the pleasures, the helmet comes with two pairs of ear cushions. One is fully upholstered Alcantara, while the other is in real leather (+ Alcantara inside).

Diaphragm Rinaro Parus

A helmet that exceeds industry standards

Very versatile, the helmet Meze Empyrean Elite has connectors XLR mini 4 pin compatible with various detachable cables. In order to ensure perfect adaptation to all your sources, you can opt for a connector 3.5 mm mini jack, a connector 6.35mm jack or a connector XLR. A true concentrate of technology, these extraordinary hi-fi headphones are the embodiment of the ambition of Meze-Audio. The manufacturer is indeed renowned for the development of helmets with a timeless design, comfortable and robust. Overriding all trends, the Meze Empyrean Elite is specifically designed to withstand industry changes.

Isomagnetic Earpiece

Sold at the price of 3999 euro, the Meze Empyrean Elite Well worth a $1000 price hike over its predecessor. It will be available soon on, with the detachable cable of your choice!

Discover the Meze Empyrean Elite helmet in pictures


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