Bowers & Wilkins Headphone App Update v2.3.0


We are happy to announce an update to the Bowers & Wilkins Headphone app on iOS and Android systems. This new version of the application (v.2.3.0) offers a slightly different interface from the current application. For example, users will have to swipe from right to left to display the different settings!

New Sound Environments modes

The main development concerns the integration of the “Sound Environments” mode: 6 sound environments in which the listener can immerse themselves: “The beach”, “The forest”, “The waterfall”, “The rain”, “The Stream” and “The Campfire”. It is possible to set a timer to stop the surround sound after some time. A new firmware version (v1.1) for the headsets is also offered in the app. This firmware is applicable to all new Pi3, Pi4, PX5 and PX7 headsets. Firmware release notes are available for reference below. In order for users to get the most out of their headsets, we actively encourage them to use this latest firmware version!

New and improved

  • The Ambient Noise Transmission function is improved. Music and content volume can now be adjusted when the feature is active. The sound level also remembers after power off or power cycle.
  • Improved responsiveness of automatic Bluetooth reconnection (after powering on or after resuming).
  • Bluetooth device reconnect preferences are now through the Headphone app. Upon Bluetooth reconnection, your headset will automatically pair to the last connected device, or your preferred “primary” device.
  • Headphone battery percentage is now viewable in the app.
  • The automatic play/pause function with sensor detection on PX7, PX5 and PI4 has been further improved.
  • Improved audio quality during calls for the PI4.

What has been fixed

  • Fixed the issue where the noise canceling feature automatically changes during calls.
  • Resolved Disabled Noise Canceling feature that switches to High mode after a recharge cycle.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to write to us in response to this article. We will pass everything on to Bowers & Wilkins France!

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