Focal Clear MG: magnesium cure


Focal recently gifted us with a new closed-back audio headset called Celestee. The Saint-Etienne firm does not stop there, and today offers us an open model responding to the sweet name of Clear MG. Successor to the excellent Clear, it benefits from a new loudspeaker and a revised finish, for a price still below 1500 euros.

Discover the new Focal Clear MG headphones

The Focal Clear MG audiophile headphones are of course made in France. The brand’s engineers worked for 4 years to give birth to a new 40mm magnesium M dome speaker. This material has the advantage of not only being very light, but also of offering excellent damping and rigidity properties. The helmet also benefits from a revised aesthetic, with external shells featuring a honeycomb pattern and a new Chestnut/Metal finish. Great art! Comfort is also remarkable, with generous microfiber ear cups and an ergonomic aluminum yoke. With its impedance of 55 Ohms, the Focal Clear MG headphones can be perfectly combined with an audiophile player, but will reveal their full potential with a quality headphone amplifier. It is supplied with a transport box, two cables (XLR 4 pins + mini-jack) and a mini-jack/jack adapter.

Focal, a French Living Heritage Company, once again demonstrates the full extent of its know-how in the field of audiophile headphones. Our first listens reveal a precise and balanced sound, with a nice openness and lots of detail. To be tested this weekend in stores!

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