MQA update and fixed some bugs


Mobile sound enthusiasts with an Android smartphone have experienced some setbacks with the excellent little DragonFly Red/Black DACs from the manufacturer AudioQuest. These could indeed encounter volume problems when the DragonFly was connected via a USB/OTG adapter… Fortunately, an update is here!

Update your AudioQuest DragonFly to the latest firmware

This volume problem was identified by the American brand, which took it very seriously. So much so that it has deployed an update for the DragonFlys which corrects this malfunction (v1.03)! Even better, the new firmware version (v1.06) also adds compatibility with the MQA format. You can now download the update from the AudioQuest website. The procedure is simple and very quick. All you have to do is download the AQ Device Manager software, plug the DragonFly into a USB port, and click on “Update now”. The update is done in about fifteen seconds, and a pop-up tells you when the procedure is complete.

This update is therefore valid for the AudioQuest DragonFly Red and DragonFly Black portable DACs. We strongly recommend that you apply this patch… Thanks to AudioQuest for the follow-up and the seriousness!


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