New high-end Earsonics Grace Platinum in-ear headphones


The Grace Platinum embodies the pinnacle of the Earsonics universal intra range. It takes up the basics of its successor Grace HR, also taking care to improve several aspects. Zinc and magnesium alloy shells, acrylic core, True Wave technology… All handcrafted in the French Earsonics labs!

Zinc/magnesium hulls

Point of resin covered with acrylic as on the Grace HR! Earsonics Grace Platinum headphones shells are made of a zinc-magnesium alloy. The French brand applies a bonus platinum foil giving a superb mirror effect.

3D acrylic heart

The electronics are held within a structure often referred to as the “core”. It’s a bit like the backbone of headphones! For its Grace Platinum, Earsonics therefore opted for an acrylic structure, entirely manufactured on a 3D machine. This core presents on the one hand excellent acoustic properties, and on the other hand allows an optimal arrangement of the transducers.

True Wave Technology

True Wave technology is based on a cannula process with 3 asymmetrical outlets surmounted by a mono-pavilion. According to the brand, this technology allows optimum work on phase control and a first-order magnitude curve.

3 channels / 10 transducers

The new flagship of the intra Earsonics takes up the impressive electronics of the Grace HR. The 3-way HQ filter with impedance correction is therefore renewed and is always associated with the impressive system of transducers. There are 10 per headset, including 2 for the bass, 4 for the medium and 4 for the treble. These are balanced armature transducers, some of which are made specifically for Earsonics.

Two detachable cables

This pair of luxurious intra is provided with many accessories. The packaging first contains two cables of excellent quality. There is a balanced HR 8C model with 4.4 mm plug and another unbalanced HR 4C with 3.5 mm connector. Earsonics of course recommends the use of the HR 8C to exploit the full potential of the Grace Platinum.

Other supplied accessories

Also count on 6 pairs of tips: 2 pairs in foam, two in bi-flange silicone and two in mono-flange silicone. There are also other little touches like a carrying pouch or a cleaning tool. Finally, there are two disinfectant wipes and a 6.35 mm adapter.

The Earsonics Grace Platinum in-ear headphones are currently on pre-order for the sum of 1899€. We predict an even more glorious return than his elders Grace and Grace HR, already acclaimed by everyone… Can’t wait to listen to that!

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