the brand’s first True Wireless intras are here!


The brand’s founder, Joseph Grado, is none other than the inventor of the MC cell. Grado is also known for producing fantastic-sounding headphones, some of which are considered industry benchmarks. In addition to audiophile headphones, Grado has been experimenting with mobile headphones for a few years, first with an iGe intra and then a Bluetooth GW100 model. Today, a pair of True Wireless in-ear headphones is being released under the name Grado GT220. The promise ? Deliver sound worthy of the manufacturer’s reputation, in a modern, 100% wireless headset.

The Grado sound signature in a True Wireless headset?

Not as technical as its direct competitors, the Grado GT220 pulls out of the game thanks to a remarkable sound. Clarity and detail are there, with this little catchy side that brings a lot of fun to each listening. It will therefore be easily forgiven for having overlooked certain features such as active noise reduction. Instead, you will have to settle for ordinary passive insulation, which is still quite effective when you take care to select ear tips adapted to your ears. Three pairs of tips are supplied for this. The essential controls for managing your music and calls are accessible via the sensitive panels located on each headset.

Up to 36 hours of battery life with its charging case

The True Wireless Grado GT220 in-ear headphones are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 module and are compatible with SBC, AAC and aptX codecs. Each polycarbonate shell features an 8mm driver, all weighing just 5 grams. We must also add to this a microphone per earphone, in order to ensure voice commands (Siri + Google Assistant) and telephone conversations. The autonomy of the GT220 can also reach 36 hours in total. This, by accumulating the 6 hours of the helmet and the 5 additional charges allowed by the charging box. Charging the case can be done via a USB-C cable, or via an optional wireless charger.

The Grado sound signature in a pair of 100% wireless intra? Mostly, yes! We are only waiting for a variation with open shells… 😉

“The GT220s deliver very clean sound, with a natural midrange and defined lows that extend nicely […]. These are fairly balanced headphones, but have a slightly more exciting profile with this bass a little forward and this sparkling treble. (CNET)

“Like most Grado helmets, the GT220s are unequivocal […]. They’re not the best headphones on the high end or when it comes to timing… But if you like your music to sound with speed, excitement and detail, then you’ll love them. (What Hi-Fi).

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