The products awarded an EISA 2020-2021 are at BH!


Each year, we eagerly await the announcement of the EISA Awards ! We can finally confirm our assumptions about the best audio-video products of the year. On this Monday, August 17, we already know everything, because the members of the association EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) have just awarded their prizes for the season 2020 – 2021. Of course, BH already offers most of the award-winning products in the hi-fi, audio for home cinema, TV, video projection, mobile devices, etc. categories. Discover now the list of new prices EISA 2020 – 2021, by category, at BH !

“Over 35 years of existence and 61 magazines represented”

For those who don’t know, theEISA is an independent association dedicated to showcasing and promoting the best products from different sectors. It brings together the representatives 61 magazines specialists among the most eminent in Europe and the United States. Indeed, this association, which is more than 35 years was originally exclusively European. Today, it has Indian, American, Canadian, Australian, etc. members. Dozens of journalists were invited to carry out tests, in order to elect the most important products of the year.

“BH already offers most of the EISA Award-winning products”

You can now take a look at the complete list of winners 2020-2021 on the website of theEISA association. Below, you will find the rewarded products that it is already possible to buy in our stores of Paris 11, Paris 17 and Boulogne, as well as on our website We have classified them by category and explained the winners of each. In addition, know that you will find all the rewarded devices in our EISA special shop !

Hi-Fi Category

– Column speakers 2020 – 2021: FOCAL CHORA 826
– Bookshelf speakers 2020 – 2021: BRONZE 100 AUDIO MONITOR
– Turntable 2020 – 2021: PRO-JECT T1
– DAC 2020 – 2021: IFI AUDIO ZEN DAC
– Audiophile player 2020 – 2021: FIIO M11 PRO
– Headphones 2020 – 2021: DALI IO-6
– DAC/portable headphone amplifier 2020 – 2021: AUDIOQUEST DRAGONFLY COBALT
– Audio accessory 2020-2021: PROJECT VC-E

Category Home Cinema Audio

– Pack of home cinema speakers 2020 – 2021: TRIANGLE BOREA SERIES
– Soundbar 2020 – 2021: LG SN8YG

Category Television & Video Projection

– OLED TV 2020 – 2021: LG OLED65GX6
– Big screen 2020 – 2021: SAMSUNG QE75Q950TS
– Video projector 2020 – 2021: OPTOMA UHZ65UST

Category Mobile Devices

– Over-ear headphones 2020 – 2021: BOWERS & WILKINS PX5
– In-ear headphones 2020 – 2021: SENNHEISER MOMENTUM TRUE WIRELESS 2


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