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Meze Audio had impressed us with outstanding performance headphones like the 99 Classics and 99 Neo. More recently, the brand launched its new flagship called Meze Empyrean with great fanfare. And in view of the many awards already obtained, we are not the only ones to think that this is one of the best headphones of the moment.

Meze Empyrean facing its rivals

The excellent Audiophile Style site founded by Chris Connaker was able to compare 4 of the best audiophile headphones of the moment. If the expensive Abyss AB-1266 Phi (from 5000 to 7000€) excels in all genres of music, the Meze Empyrean opposes it with an attractive and fun sound, to which we want to come back again and again. It is also half the price of its competitor, for performances that are very close. The Audio Du Village site confirms this in their review, claiming that the Meze Empyrean “represents a real achievement in the genre, not the best everywhere, but the best overall. Natural, detailed, precise, comfortable, brilliantly designed, a total success that should be a benchmark for hi-fi headphones ». Headphonics also tested this new headset, awarding it our 9.5/10. This is the highest score ever awarded by this review!

4 prestigious awards in a few months

Barely launched on the market, the audiophile headphones Meze Empyrean have already been decorated by 4 of the most prestigious international awards. It first won the “Grand Prize” at the Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival… A highly difficult task for a European headphone that has come to make a name for itself in the land of the rising sun! The SoundStage site also awarded it a “Reviewers Choice”: this is a reward given by the site’s testers to the products they like the most. About it, Brent Butterworth writes that the Empyrean is clearly among the best helmets of the moment. It also highlights its ability to restore a large amount of detail, and its excellent spatialization. This, without ever tipping the scales towards the treble side, as many audiophile headphones do… Add to that the “Gold Award” from Major Hi-Fi, and the “Reference” status from High Fidelity!

We highly recommend listening to the Empyrean headphones! And while you’re at it, take a listen to the other marvel of the team led by Antonio Meze, the incredible Rai Penta in-ear headphones.

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NB: the Meze Empyrean audiophile headphones are available in two versions, one with a 6.35 Jack cable, and the other with a 3.5 mm Mini-jack cable.


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