unboxing, test and lookbook on the BH TV


Focal Stella: unboxing, review and lookbook

BH TV presents the new Focal Stella headphones on video! Unboxing, test, lookbook… You will know everything about this little gem of acoustic engineering sold for €3,000. As a bonus, we even received a visit from Nicolas Debard, product manager at Focal. Good viewing to all!


All Focal headphones, including the new Stellia, are available for permanent listening in the BH stores in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 11 and Paris 17. Don’t hesitate to drop by and say hi! Also remember to click on the red “subscribe” button to subscribe to our new Youtube channel BH TV: you will find exclusive videos on the most beautiful Image & Sound products of the moment! We’ve even prepared a big surprise for you as soon as 1000 subscribers are reached… We’ll tell you about it soon on the blog 😉

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