10 High Tech gift ideas for less than 100€


It’s hard to please a technophile or an audiophile when you have a tight budget… And yet, there are still high quality products, sold for less than 100€! This selection brings together 10 inexpensive Audio & Video products, which will certainly hit the mark with a lover of good sound.

A portable DAC / headphone amplifier

The Encore mDSD Portable DAC / Headphone Amplifier (€89) will allow you to drastically improve the sound of a smartphone or tablet! Compatible with 32 Bits / 384 kHz and DSD 11.2 MHz, it is therefore able to support the most qualitative Hi-Res files of the moment, and to restore all their subtlety. The integrated headphone amplifier delivers a power of 2x40mW and can work with many headphones whose impedance is between 30 and 300 Ohms. Finally, note that this DAC / Headphone Amplifier is self-powered by its USB port, and that it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows or OS X devices.

In-ear Hi-Res headphones

The Pioneer SE-CH5T intra headphones (€44.9) seduced our ears. For less than 50€, you have Hi-Res certified headphones, capable of delivering breathtaking sound for the asking price. The comfort is also excellent, with a braided cable that surrounds the ear, and that emits no noise (neither to the touch, nor when walking, etc.). This intra headset is even equipped with a microphone and a control allowing you to take calls, activate your smartphone’s voice assistant, or even pause your music. Do not hesitate to consult our Espresso Test of the Pioneer SE-CH5T to find out more!

A vinyl washing machine

Know a vinyl fanatic? Does he have a large collection? He searches flea markets and cellars to find rare records? We have the ideal and inexpensive gift: the Spin-Clean Record Washer System MKII vinyl washing machine (99€). This complete kit will allow him to clean his precious vinyls in complete safety, in order to improve their sound while preserving his diamond. This ready-to-use system consists of a washing machine, a 120 ml cleaning bottle, a pair of brushes, a pair of rollers, and two drying cloths. Easy to use, the Spin-Clean Record Washer System MKII is 33/45/78T compatible.

Hi-Fi headphones for the home

I know, we’re a little over budget… But only €9, and it’s for a good cause! The Grado SR60e audiophile headphones (109€) provide unparalleled sound performance at this price. The sound is superb, with lots of balance and airiness. Admittedly, his look will not be unanimous, but that is not at all what we ask of him… We can only salute the work of the Grado family who, from their workshop in Brooklyn, provide the Hi-Fi planet with little gems for decades. Want to know more about the brand? Check out the video that shows how a family grocery store became the production center for what some consider to be the best helmets in the world.

A Bluetooth wireless speaker

If JBL is rather known for having manufactured Hi-Fi speakers that have become legendary, the manufacturer has been able to seduce a much younger audience with a whole range of modern products, adapted to our new way of listening to music. The JBL Flip 3 Black Edition wireless speaker (€99) is the perfect example. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, it is compatible with all smartphones and all tablets, whatever the brand! In addition to a punchy sound, it offers many refinements such as a 10-hour battery life, splash resistance, and a hands-free kit for taking calls.

Headphones for sports

Does he jog to keep in shape? She works her line in the room? Offer him a good wireless intra headset specially designed for the practice of sports activities. Resistant to rain and perspiration, the NuForce BE Sport3 sports headphones (€89) adopt Bluetooth technology for total compatibility with all smartphones or walkmans. It even offers the APT-X codec, a guarantee of CD quality broadcasting! Very comfortable thanks to its light weight, it comes with several accessories including lugs allowing perfect support, even during intensive training. Microphone and control keys as a bonus!

APT-X Bluetooth receiver

With all their music stored on a smartphone, young people have needs that are clearly different from those of their parents… However, this little adapter will reconcile the generations! Thanks to the Advance WTX-500 dongle, transform the living room audio system into an APT-X Bluetooth receiver capable of streaming the music sent to it wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, Mac, PC… Nobody in the room. house will not be able to live without it! Especially since the use is super simple: plug in the adapter, pair your smartphone, and stream all the music you want. A magic solution!

A universal remote control

Never underestimate the power of the universal remote! If you have a friend or loved one who has several audio/video devices, and multiple remote controls are lying haphazardly on the table in their living room, then do them a favor: give them a Meliconi Gumbody Digital 5 universal remote control. Internet (29€). Capable of controlling up to 5 devices, it is compatible with most televisions, TV boxes, Satellite decoders, Blu-ray/DVD players, Home-Cinema amplifiers, Game consoles, etc. This universal remote control is also very easy to use, and is resistant thanks to its rubber coating.

trendy headphones

We no longer present Marshall, and we no longer present the Major either: it’s one of the trendiest headphones of the moment! Offered here in its latest revision, the Marshall Major II (€54) is ideal for everyday life. In the street, on the train, in the office… It can be worn everywhere thanks to its closed design and its very good comfort! We will also appreciate its remote control and microphone compatible with most smartphones and tablets. The icing on the cake: the headphones can be folded so that they can be easily stored in a bag, and the cable is detachable (it can therefore be changed in the event of a problem).

A connected Blu-ray/DVD player

It may be said, DVDs and Blu-rays are still very popular! If you know a cinephile with a small collection, but his reader is aging, this Sony BDP-S1700 (79€) could prove to be very interesting. First of all, we take advantage of Sony’s expertise in video processing: the image is sublime, and all content can be upsampled to 1080p thanks to Full HD upscaling. This Blu-ray/DVD player is also an excellent multimedia gateway, since it has a USB port compatible with the best audio/photo/video files, and access to many online services such as Youtube or Netflix.


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