Burn-in Tool: burn-in app for headphones (iOS/Android)


As you know, headphones or speakers take some time to deliver their full potential. Roughly speaking, the sound will evolve as the membranes and suspensions soften. This is called break-in, and it can last from 5 to 100 hours…

Breaking in your headphones with an iOS/Android application?

Here is a small tool that will allow you to effectively break in your headphones: it is a free application for iOS (8.4 and +) and Android (3.0 and +) edited by Moshi Audio. It was once again our Webmaster -a great lover of headphones- who told us about this very nice little app, with which he was able to effectively break in his new headphones. The software takes care of sending specific frequencies to your headphones (pink, purple, white noise, etc.), so that the membranes reach their optimal functioning. It is advisable to select a helmet among the references manufactured by Moshi, or to create a profile for any other helmet. A time counter shows you the running-in time that has been carried out for each helmet. Be careful, do not leave the volume of your smartphone at maximum during the break-in: set the volume of your phone to half of what it can deliver! We also recommend that you let your helmet rest for some time between each break-in phase (no, you should not let the helmet run for 50 hours non-stop!!!).

The Burn-in Tool app allowed our Webmaster to break in his helmet in a few days, when it would have taken him a few weeks, or even a few months… Did you like this article? We suggest you read this file on the running-in of hi-fi speakers and headphones!


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