Focal Clear: the best open headphones under 2000€?


After Elear and Utopia headphones acclaimed by audiophiles around the world, the acousticians at Focal have given us a new reference! Sold for €1,500, the Focal Clear intends to establish itself as one of the best headphones in its category… Or even THE best!

A “clear” sound like rock water

Barely arrived in our stores in Boulogne and Paris, the new Focal Clear headphones are taken by storm: everyone wants to test it, and determine how it behaves against its little brother Elear… The break-in will therefore be very fast , and we’ll be sure to give you our final impressions of its sound when the time comes. To make your mouth water, we can still highlight a very beautiful transparency, an incredibly realistic reproduction of voices or instruments, and a treble devoid of any excessive brilliance. It also has appreciable dynamics and an excellent ability to restore the most subtle details of recordings. We let you imagine what this Focal Clear is capable of once run in…

Comfort and accessories provided

Having listened to these headphones for an hour, I can only salute its excellent comfort, obtained in particular thanks to the generously padded micro-perforated pads and causing no pressure on the head. We also benefit from a very beautiful packaging, with a rigid storage box, and some additional festivities. We are therefore pleasantly surprised to find, in addition to the classic mini-jack cable, two additional cables with 6.35mm Jack and 4-Pin XLR connectors. And these are not just any cables since they are equipped with OFC copper conductors with a section of 24 AWG, and a braided cotton sheath. The connection of the cable to the headphones is done in all cases by two 3.5 mm mini-jack connectors.

A few words about the design

At the heart of the Focal Clear headphones, the magicians from Saint-Etienne have integrated a new generation of dynamic transducers matched to within 0.5 dB. They are equipped with a 75 micron suspension, an Aluminum/Magnesium inverted M dome, and a 25.5 mm diameter carrierless copper voice coil. When listening, the benefits of these technical solutions are obvious, with, for example, optimal respect for dynamics and a superb impulse response. These drivers are carefully mounted in open aluminum shells! Suitable for listening on a smartphone (impedance of 55 Ohms), these hi-fi headphones will benefit from being associated with an audiophile player or a good headphone amp.

With the arrival with great fanfare of this Focal Clear, audiophile headphones priced between €1,500 and €2,000 have a lot to worry about… current helmet.


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