Focal customizes its Clear and Listen headphones for professionals!


“Focal headphones are also suitable for use in the studio”

The prestigious French manufacturer Focal is once again extending its range of headphones with several versions for sound professionals. It is on the occasion of NAMM Show 2018, an American show dedicated to musicians and studio professionals, that the pro versions of the brand’s successful headphones were unveiled: the Listen Pro and the Clear Pro. The originals are both audiophile! The Focal Clear is one of the best high-end hi-fi headphones on the market, while the Focal Listen is an entry-level headband headphone with hi-fi qualities. These versions are an opportunity for Focal to remind you that very good hi-fi headphones can be perfectly suited for professional use, especially when it comes to mixing, mastering and musical creation. Because, indeed, these two professional helmets seem to adopt the same technical characteristics as their elders. The main differences are in the design.

Focal Clear Pro

“New red finishes and cabling suitable for professional use”

Both helmets now feature an anthracite finish and updated earpads. the Focal Clear Pro features magnificent perforated microfiber and red memory foam pads, while the Focal Listen Pro features velor ear pads also tinted red. On the other hand, the two headband headphones have new connection cables suitable for studio use! The products are then delivered with a 5 m OFC spiral cable long guaranteeing better mobility in the studio. The Clear is also supplied with an unbalanced cable of1.2m, while the Listen includes a straight cable with remote control from1.4m. The manufacturer has in particular dedicated the Focal Listen Pro sound professionals who would like to listen to their creations on the go. Just like their elders, these entirely made in France helmets come with a superb thermoformed storage case. The Focal Clear Pro will be available from February at the price of 1500 euros and the Focal Listen Pro in March for the sum of 260 euros.

Focal Listen Pro

Focal’s ambition is clear. After developing a number of headphones with a sound worthy of a pair of loudspeakers, the specialist wants to prove that his headphones can reproduce the listening sensation of a pair of monitoring speakers. With these new Focal models, the most demanding professionals will be able to measure the quality of their work in the studio, at home and on the go!


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