Grado GH2: limited edition in Cocobolo wood


The Grado GH2 helmet comes from the Heritage series, which had already seen the birth of the excellent GH1 and its shells from a Brooklyn maple fallen a few steps from the family factory. This new GH2 opts here for a much rarer type of wood, Cocobolo, whose acoustic and aesthetic qualities are quite simply exceptional!

New Grado GH2 audiophile headphones

Cocobolo is a rare wood from trees growing in Central America. It has the particularity of changing color after being cut, and of having darker irregular veins. This makes it possible to obtain great differences from one shell to another, making each copy unique. This wood is also very dense, and offers a very clear sound: it is therefore prized for the design of prestigious musical instruments (by chance, Stanley Clarke’s bass), but also for high-end furniture. Manufactured in the Brooklyn factory, the Grado GH2 helmet is therefore offered in a limited edition, as was the incredible GH1. Very little information is provided about the drivers, which appear to be the same as those built into the superb PS500e. Note however their pairing to within 0.05dB, and their high-end UHPLC copper coil. The design is still just as basic, but having owned many Grado helmets, I can assure you that you get used to it very quickly and that the comfort is ultimately satisfactory in sedentary use.

Remarkable sound quality

On the sound side, we find of course the Grado DNA, with a small nuance provided by the Cocobolo shells. The treble gives a delicious presence to the headphones. Opening the top of the spectrum at 28kHz is a very good choice. […] The bass is exceptional. The key here lies in the balance: the design of the GH2 allows the bass to breathe, without taking over the rest of the mix. […] Grado has also managed to offer a very nice midrange, without the harshness found around 1-2kHz on many competing headphones. […] We will end in style with a sound stage at the top, which makes the music airy and lively. Test these Grado headphones with rock classics like Led Zepp or Pink Floyd, and you’ll feel like the musicians are right in front of you. The feeling is the same with Jazz pieces! (Major HiFi). Note that a little break-in is necessary to take the true measure of this helmet… Versatile, it has an impedance of 32 Ohms and a sensitivity of 99.8 dB allowing it to be used with a simple smartphone! However, it will reveal the best of itself with an audiophile player, or better, a headphone amp like the RA1.

Warning: the GH1 became untraceable only a few months after its release (limited edition of 1200 copies), and the GH2 should follow the same path… We invite you to test it as soon as possible, in association with the new Grado RA1 B headphone amplifiers (battery powered) and RA1 AC (mains powered).


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