Grado shows its fangs with its new GH3, GH4 and GW-1000 helmets!


The Grado family shows their teeth! After the GH1 and GH2 headphones, the prestigious Heritage series is now completed by GH3 and GH4 adopting a new type of wood, Norway pine. The Brooklyn firm is also giving us a new headset, the GW100: this is the brand’s first model to take advantage of Bluetooth technology!

Grado GH4 and GH3 Heritage Series Helmets

Sold for €795, the Grado GH4 helmet is made in a limited edition in the historic Brooklyn workshop. Just like its little brother GH3, which is offered at the price of 485€. Both helmets take up the usual architecture of other Grado helmets, with open shells and a typical headband, adjustable in height. They adopt the same Grado 44 mm diameter transducers matched at 0.05dB, integrated in Norwegian wooden shells. They also share an impedance of 32 Ohms, making them easily powered by a smartphone or audio player. The Y-cable is also identical on both references, and ends with a mini-jack plug (6.35 adapter supplied). The contribution of wood compared to plastic in terms of sound is obvious: we clearly gain in precision, with a slightly less aggressive treble. Note that the Grado GH4 headphones differ from the GH3 by the adoption of larger acoustic chambers, and by the presence of circum-auricular type earpieces.

APT-X Grado GW100 Bluetooth Headset

If the firm has been designing headphones for more than 40 years, it took until 2018 to see a wireless headset stamped Grado! Why so much time? Quite simply because the Grado family never does things by halves… It was indeed inconceivable to make the slightest compromise on the sound level, as is the case with many Bluetooth headsets. Apart from the brand’s famous transducers (here again paired at 0.05dB), all aspects of these Grado GW100 headphones have been reworked. Acoustic chambers, for example, benefit from a specific structure that reduces sound leaks by up to 60%. The advantages of an open helmet, without the disadvantages? Interesting ! Especially since the Grado GW100 has other advantages, such as its support for the APT-X codec. It is also worth saluting the autonomy of the rechargeable battery which can reach 15 hours (a cable is provided to use it even when it is discharged). Integrated microphone + controls for taking calls and controlling your music.

The Grado GH3, GH4 and GW100 headphones are available for listening in the BH stores in Boulogne, Paris 11 and Paris 17. You can compare them with all the brand’s other references, as well as with dozens of other audiophile headphones. . Don’t look, we are the only ones in France to offer you such a choice in permanent listening!


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