How do I identify the right or left ear of my headphones?


ATso which one goes on the left ear? No, this one probably goes on the right ear? Damn, I can’t find the L (Left | Gauche) and the R (Right | Droite) on the helmet…”
We have all found ourselves faced with this problem at least once in our life in front of a brand new audio headset, but fortunately there is now an application to help those who need it: Left Right – Stereo Test by Reflecion Apps.

LManufacturers do not always help us identify the right earpiece from the left earpiece of our stereo headphones. When identification is unclear or well hidden, it is totally absent, leaving us to wear our helmets haphazardly. If for some, this does not change anything in their way of consuming music, for others it is quite different, especially for headphones with particular sounds. This simply allows us to listen to our songs as accurately as possible and with the best sound reproduction adapted to each of our ears.

Lhe mobile application for Android devices “Left Right – Stereo”, therefore offers to help you define which of your headphones is the right and the left for an in-ear headphone or a headphone with circum-aural or supra-aural housings.

VSertes English, however, this application remains very easy to use. You download it to your android mobile device, plug in your headphones and launch the application. The device will identify visually and with “Left” and an audible “Right” the right earphone as well as the left earphone. There is no simpler. All you have to do is, for example, add a colored dot or a border to now identify the two sides of your headphones or simply learn a word or two of English. 😉

Here is the link to download the application for owners of Android mobile devices.


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