How to benefit from a pair of custom-made Audeze LCDi4 planar magnetic headphones!


“All the advantages of planar magnetic technology in a very small format”

The LCDi4 headphones, developed by the American manufacturer Audeze, are certainly the best in-ear headphones in the world! They integrate the miniaturized technologies of the essential LCD4 and offer improved performance compared to the excellent iShine 10 and iShine 20. Their anti-resonance magnesium structure houses planar magnetic transducers from 30mm taking up the diaphragm of 0.5 microns of the LCD4, but this time equipped with a magnet Fluxor associated with a coil uniforce. These exceptional components allow the listener to enjoy a spacious and ultra-precise soundstage, as well as a bass reproduction extremely faithful to the work of the sound engineer in the studio. These headphones also have a total harmonic distortion less than 0.2% across its very wide bandwidth (5Hz – 50kHz). Its handcrafting contributes considerably to the sound quality and comfort of this high-end headset. As a result, each earbud weighs only 12 grams and incorporates the best components available on the market! A real feat. International tests have not hesitated to say the same:

The best way to describe the overall sound signature of the Audeze LCDi4 in-ear headphones is… Wow! » Majorhifi

With the LCDi4, Audeze has found a way to take advantage of all the advantages of planar magnetic transducers in the smallest possible format and with the greatest possible mobility. » AbsoluteSound

The LCDI4 really exceeded anything I thought possible with in-ear headphones in terms of sound quality and sound staging. »

The i4 is probably one of the best portable headsets I’ve used so far » head-fi

“For each order, Audeze can offer a custom molding”

In addition, the American manufacturer offers customization that will impress even the most demanding audiophiles. It is possible to order a helmet Audeze LCDi4 in custom molding. For this, the manufacturer tells you to go to an audio prosthetist to make a custom molding impression. At the end of the consultation, he will give you a file containing the imprint and you will only have to send it to the Custom Pro department by Audéze. The latter will then make your personalized helmet under 3/4 weeks and give it to you with a card in your name. You will then benefit from a hearing insert perfectly adapted to your ear morphology, as well as considerably improved performance. Perfect sound insulation and optimal support in any situation are guaranteed!

The only cost of this service is the price of the consultation with your audio prosthetist (about 80 euros)! For custom-made headphones, Audeze even offers you the famous connection cable Cipher Lightning, which is usually not supplied with the LCDi4. This cable with integrated DAC allows you to connect your headphones to a smartphone equipped with a Lightning connector. A proposal from the manufacturer which only has advantages. However, you will have to anticipate your request by placing an order directly with one of the BH sales outlets (Boulogne, Parmentier or Wagram). A short delay is required to obtain your custom-made Audeze LCDi4, but the result will be a user experience far beyond all your expectations!


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