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LThe Berlin IFA 2018-2019 edition finally opens its doors to the delight of enthusiasts of consumer electronics and home appliances. In the program ? Stands, conferences, presentations, innovations, technologies from here and especially elsewhere and of course many, many new products to discover. We will try to make you follow in broad outline the announcements of the big and less big brands of the worlds of Image, Home cinema, Hi-Fi and small Sound.

Sso follow our news room during the entire period of the IFA 2018-2019 show which runs from Friday August 31, 2018 to Wednesday September 5, 2018.

Philips, The not-so-discreet Dutchman

Lhe giant of the Netherlands is as usual a quiet force. Discreet in its communication, it is no less present with innovative products that know how to astonish, mark and seduce the audience. If the television branch has been the responsibility of TP Vision for some time now; the parent company is not idle. Appliances, health and wellness products or multimedia devices; Philips uses its creativity and inventiveness to develop smart technologies that can adapt and help us every day. Thus, we can briefly mention the high-speed connected Blender, the S9000 Prestige electric razor, the Philips 5000 LatteGo coffee machine, the SmartSleep sleep improvement system or the Teledentistry service of Philips Sonicare solutions…

Dn the side of what interests us, we cannot ignore the last two OLED TVs crowned with an EISA AWARDS 2018-2019 each. The Philips 55OLED803 in the category of best OLED TV in terms of quality/price ratio and the Philips 65OLED903 which won the award for best home cinema TV.

ATThus, in addition to having a revised and corrected OLED panel, the OLED+ 903 model features the efficient P5 image processor, a quad-core processor, Android 8.0 Oreo with Google Assistant and an advertised brightness of nearly 1000 Nits. It of course supports HDR10+ and benefits from image enhancement technologies of which TP Vision has the secret. The very neat acoustics take on the appearance of a high-end integrated sound bar, the result of a successful partnership with the English company Bowers & Wilkins. The set would of course not be perfect without the integration of technology The icing on the cake with of course the integration of Ambilight™ technology which is always a delight in terms of atmosphere and ambiance.

Lhe OLED 803 model has all of these characteristics in broad strokes, except that it does not have an integrated sound bar.

IThere remains, however, a TV of which we must say a few words: the 9104. This high-end TV designed by designer Georg Jensen has an LED panel with Ultra HD 4K resolution. It does not embed any plastic, preferring to use noble materials in its manufacture. Georg Jensen has designed a TV that highlights light thanks to the use of glass and transparency in its construction. Google Assistant or Alexa? You will soon have a choice on some Philips televisions thanks to an update that will integrate the “Philips Smart TV Voice Control” function. You will be able to choose the voice assistant of your choice with the Android Oreo 8.0 update. Only TVs equipped with a P5 processor and marketed in 2017 and 2018 will be able to support this new function, which will benefit from a French translation in the course of 2019 against English and German deployment.

DListen now to Philips’ talk at IFA Berlin 2018-2019:

LG, the other Korean leader

DTo say that the IFA in Berlin is a second home for LG in the same way as its compatriot Samsung is saying something. A great partner through excellence, this year LG was particularly keen to highlight its interconnected and intelligent ThinQ technology. This technology aims to revolutionize the way your home interacts with you through personalization features, integrated connectivity and different platforms enabling AI. to work together for the well-being of your home. A smart home for better and better according to LG. “Evolve, Connect and Open”, these are the words that perfectly illustrate the perception of the Korean manufacturer LG in terms of artificial intelligence, which it sees as a fundamental turning point in our present and future lives.


Edo you want to know the weather? Want to find out about an actor? Would you like advice on which films to watch? Ask your TV and let ThinQ adapt to bring you the best answers. ThinQ Smart TVs with Google Assistant can’t wait to hear your voice.

MBut artificial intelligence is not the only quality that LG televisions can boast of and the LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper TV, which is recognizable among a thousand with its ultra-thin design and OLED technology, is a very good example. An exceptional television for a SIGNATURE range that continues to expand. All you have to do is look at the dryer, the refrigerator or the wine cellar which join the air purifier and the TWINWash™.

LG does not intend to leave its best enemy to always take center stage during this IFA and this is how the manufacturer unveiled a screen of no less than 173 inches (439 cm) with a panel using MicroLED technology. We remember of course the screens “The Wall” (146 inches) using this same technology and presented by Samsung at the last CES in Las Vegas. Point of commercialization in the immediate future for LG but just a technical demonstration of its know-how for this technology which especially benefits screens of substantial sizes. But in the future, with sizes of 130 inches (330 cm) we are not immune to marketing for individuals or professionals.

Mthanks to Digital Trends for their video on this LG MicroLED TV screen:

Lhe other snub is of course the presentation of an 8K Ultra HD OLED screen. You read correctly, if originally this prototype was to be presented at the next CES, Samsung will unveil its own 8K TV forced LG’s hand. They have thus advanced the presentation of this 8K OLED model (33 million pixels) which is not intended for immediate marketing. There is no point in running, you have to start on time in view of the non-existent native content, but despite everything, this 88-inch (224 cm) diagonal TV. The president of LG Home Entertainment Company has a few words to say about it: “LG’s first 8K OLED TV is the pinnacle of technological achievement and the next step in the evolution of display technology” .

MThanks to Digital Trends for their video on this LG 8K Ultra HD screen:

DListen to LG’s IFA 2018-2019 conference below:


The other Japanese giant Panasonic

Panasonic had already started celebrating the new edition of IFA Berlin by announcing the deployment of HDR10+ compatibility and certification on all 2018 Ultra HD 4K TVs. This HDR10+ software update will start from the series FX600 and opens up to the valuable certification from the FX700 series. With 21% market share of OLED TVs in France, Panasonic is more than a safe bet, especially with the EZ and FZ ranges.

ATith an EISA win in the category of best high-end UHD Blu-ray player, the Panasonic DP-UB9000 intends to offer your TV or video projector an exceptional image thanks to its HDR10+ and Dolby Vision™ certifications.

LAudio is not to be outdone with the Panasonic HD605N circum-auricular headphones. Certified Hi-Res audio, these headphones immerse you completely in your music thanks to its active noise reduction technology and its 3 modes.

DElsewhere, the SC-UA30 and SC-UA90 wireless speaker systems are impressive in both sound and aesthetics. With an open sound field covered over 180° you benefit from two qualitative and compact systems. With these two 13 cm (3300W) woofers, the SC-UA30 model is smaller and more portable than its big brother the SC-UA90 which can be proud to integrate 2 20 cm (22000W) subwoofers.

VYour evenings, from the wildest to the calmest, will find an echo thanks to these speakers and their connectivity, both wired and wireless. As a bonus, the UA90 model offers a CD player and 4GB internal memory to fully enjoy your music.

NOTlet’s not forget to mention the SC-GA10 wireless speaker system. Intelligent, with Google Assistant, this refined speaker comes in the form of a monoblock capable of answering many of your questions while delivering quality sound. An overall output power of 40W omnidirectional thanks to 3 double speakers.

PFor Panasonic, the announcements are made around the house of the future with a TV in the center serving as a “Home center”. A house of the future where the kitchen of tomorrow does not reveal its technologies and household appliances. Voice control allows you to adjust the oven, for example, and many other innovations are hidden in the walls and ceilings. But let Panasonic’s conference show you better than us…

Japanese Sony

Por Sony, the challenge is to offer a relevant renewal of these flagship products without forgetting to offer some well-regarded innovations as only Sony knows how to design them.

ATThus the audio headsets are available once again in all sauces. The WH-1000X circum-auricular wireless Bluetooth® headset accommodates its 3th incarnation with its WH-1000XM3 version. It constantly pushes the limits imposed by the environment thanks to its intelligent active noise reduction system. It hosts a brand new QN1 HD noise reduction processor for formidable efficiency and almost absolute silence. 30hrs of autonomy, Bluetooth® LDAC, 40mm diaphragm and Hi-Res audio certification are on the program. Tru-wireless headphones (wireless and cordless) learn to swim with Sony and this WF-SP900 model. In addition to its IP6X dust resistance, it benefits from a waterproof design thanks to its IPX5/8 protection rating for both fresh and salt water. You can dive up to 2 m deep and enjoy an autonomy of 12hrs increased to 21hrs thanks to its charging cover. Its 4 GB internal storage space gives you a glimpse of up to 6 hours of music in addition to its Bluetooth® connectivity.

Dn another more elitist register, Sony is highlighting its range of premium “Signature Series” audio products. This range of exceptional manufacturing quality must meet the expectations of enthusiasts of beautiful sounds and top-of-the-range products. The portable Sony DMP-Z1 walkman and the SONY IER-Z1R hybrid earphones are worthy representatives, all in gold plating, polished aluminum and zirconium.

ZF9 and AF9, it is by these two acronyms that Sony designates the two flagship TVs of its new range…


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