iFi Audio: high fidelity at the service of consumers of digital content!


BH is proud to present the brand iFi-Audio, freshly arrived at our points of sale. From DAC converter to phono preamplifier, passing through theheadphone amplifier, the products developed by the brand are aimed at an audience focused on digital audio content and incorporate high-end audiophile components.

Created in 2012, the brand iFi-Audio is a subsidiary of the famous English hi-fi manufacturer Abbingdon Music Research (AMR). After launching its first amplifiers, CD players and speakers around 2006, AMR wanted to inject its know-how into the development of innovative products, both portable and audiophile. The change in listening mode, which is mainly done today with headphones and on streaming platforms, has led the manufacturer to bet on its new company iFi-Audio. With the aim of offering innovative and sustainable products, the idea was to mix the best technologies of yesteryear with cutting-edge technologies. We therefore obtain devices capable of defying all competition, equipped with high-end audiophile components and a particularly advanced technical approach.

Resolutely compact and most benefiting from a rechargeable battery, the devices iFi-Audio have a reputation for delivering analog sound similar to that of original AMR products. The latter enjoyed considerable success with the most demanding audiophiles in the 2000s. Find all the products below. iFi-Audio available from BH. The perfect opportunity to compare these exceptional products, divided between classic USB Audio DACs, DACs/headphone amps, headphone amps and phono preamps!

iDSD Nano Lite Edition – DAC/Headphone Amplifier (€159)

Compatible with the best high-resolution audio formats and offering an ultra-compact design, the iFi Audio IDSD Nano Lite Edition is the most efficient nomadic DAC/headphone amp in its price range! His chip Burr Brown and his high precision ARM clock guarantee a perfect restitution of flows DSD128 and PCM384. Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones/tablets (with Lightning cable) and capable of driving the best hi-fi headphones on the market, it is suitable for a multitude of uses. Absolute lightness and 8 hours of battery life after a single USB charge!

iDSD Nano Black Label – DAC/Headphone Amplifier (229 €)

Intended for nomadic or domestic use, the DAC/headphone amplifier iFi Audio IDSD Black Label will perfectly restore your audio files DSD128 and PCM384 thanks to his chip Burr Brown and his high precision ARM clock. It differs mainly from the effective IDSD Nano Lite Edition by its two headphone outputs and the addition of technologies IEMatch, iFi Audio iPurifier and S-Balanced. Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones/tablets (with Lightning cable), this DAC is able to drive the best hi-fi headphones on the market. Compact, lightweight and boasting a respectable battery life of 10 hours, it will accompany you on all your daily trips!

iDSD Micro Black Label – DAC/Headphone Amplifier (€649)

the iFi Audio iDSD Micro Black Label differs from other iDSD devices by an even more efficient DAC converter and a S/PDIF coaxial in/out socket. Ultra versatile, it allows you to listen to the best Hi-Res audio formats with all the headphones available on the market. For this he benefits from two Burr Brown DACs mainly compatible with resolutions PCM768 and DSD512. Associated with a GMT clock ARM competition and other audiophile components, as well as 3D+ and XBass+ modes, its performance is considerable. Compatible with iOS/Android and benefiting from full connectivity, it can be associated with all your sources. Offering a autonomy ranging from 6 to 12 hours depending on the headphones and the output power used, this iFi Audio DAC will accompany you on the go!

iONE Nano – USB Audio DAC (229 €)

Designed to be connected to a home hi-fi system, the iFi Audio Nano iOne will improve the sound quality of all your sources through its inputs USB Type-B, SPDIF coaxial in/out or its receiver Bluetooth aptX. Like his brothers and sisters, he incorporates a DAC Burr Brown capable of handling high-resolution PCM, DXD and DSD files optimally. A galvanic isolation SPDIF socket, an active noise reduction system and a High Precision clock accompany this Japanese chip for high-end digital-to-analog conversion!

iDAC2 Micro – DAC/Headphone Amplifier (439 €)

the iFi Audio iDAC2 is a direct descendant of iDSD Nano and iDSD Micro. It offers even more dynamic, detailed and natural listening, as well as several front-panel selectable filters. His chip Burr Brown (PCM, DSD and DXD compatible), as well as its high-end internal components, ensure state-of-the-art digital-analog conversion and perfect power supply for all hi-fi headphones! Equipped with a USB Type-B input, this device is suitable for connection between a computer (Mac OS and Windows) and a home audio installation or a headphone amplifier!

X DSD – Headphone Amplifier (449 €)

Compact and with a rechargeable battery, the DAC/headphone amplifier iFi Audio xDSD is dedicated to nomadic or domestic use. With a converter Burr Brown DSD1793 and a headphone amplifier powerful enough to power any hi-fi headphone, this iFi Audio device will perfectly restore the sound of your high-resolution MQA, DXD, PCM & DSD files. Thanks to its entries USB-A, Coaxial SPDIF and its connectivity Bluetooth aptX, it allows the connection of a smartphone, a 4K television and allows you to stream music wirelessly from any compatible device! the iFi Audio xDSD is a safe bet in terms of sound and will accompany you on all your trips.

iCAN SE Micro – Headphone Amplifier (€339)

Powering your high impedance hi-fi headphones has never been easier than with the amplifier iFi Audio Micro iCan SE. His amp Turbo Headamp of Class A, its rate of very low distortion, her direct construction and his precise gain adjustment guarantee a nice output power, as well as a warm and detailed sound. Associated with a iFi Audio USB DAC, this device will allow you to enjoy the latest Hi-Res audio files in an optimal way!

iPHONO2 – Phono Preamp (559 €)

the iFi Audio Microphone iPhono 2 is a phono preamplifier equipped with a MM input, of a MC input and one stereo RCA output. It allows you to combine a vinyl turntable with a high-fidelity amplifier without a phono input. Its numerous audiophile components, its six preset equalization curves and its compatibility with all phono cartridges, guarantee superior sound quality with any vinyl record. A versatile and highly customizable device, ideal for demanding audiophiles and vinyl collectors!


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