New Focal mobile headphones: Spark, Spark Wireless, Listen Wireless, Sphear S…


When Focal gives birth to new products, it’s always a happy event! The French manufacturer is expanding its nomadic range with 4 new affordable headphones: the Spark and Sphear S intra, the Spark Wireless intra and the Listen Wireless headphones.

Focal Spark

Sold for €69, the Spark in-ear headphones embodies a new gateway to Focal sound. Perfect to replace the poor earphones delivered with your smartphone, this intra of barely 15 grams is equipped with a flat anti-knot cable integrating a microphone and a remote control. The ultra-compact shells have a semi-open aluminum back plate, in which are housed 9.5mm transducers with mylar membrane. It is available in 3 attractive finishes: Blue Cobalt, Black and Silver.

Focal Spark Wireless

As its name suggests, the Focal Spark Wireless in-ear headphones are none other than the wireless version of the Spark we were talking about above. The French manufacturer signs here its first intra bluetooth 4.1 headset (range up to 15 meters). The anti-tangle flat cable is here again equipped with a microphone and a 3-button remote control. The autonomy of the built-in battery is given for 8 hours, and the recharge is done via the supplied USB cable. It is sold for €99, in Silver, Black or Rose gold finish. Sports clip included.

Focal Sphear S

The Focal Sphear S in-ear headphones are an update of the Sphear, an in-ear headphones offering a top-notch price/performance ratio. It was also the first intra headphones signed by the Saint-Etienne firm! The secret of the new Focal Sphear S is still based on the use of large 10.8mm transducers, loaded with bass-reflex in semi-open shells with steel ring and grille. Its specific shape gives it excellent support on the ear, and remarkable comfort. Microphone + remote control on cable.

Focal Listen Wireless

We end with the Focal Listen Wireless, the Bluetooth version of the excellent Listen launched at the same time as the prestigious audiophile models Elear and Utopia. Apart from the finish of the shells in Black High Gloss and the integration of Bluetooth 4.1 with APT-X, it remains very close to the wired Listen. Same HP, unchanged design, identical materials… Wireless requires, we take advantage here of a rechargeable battery offering up to 20 hours of autonomy. The earpieces allow you to adjust the volume of the headphones, but also to control your music and answer calls.

You will soon be able to test these new headphones in the BH stores in Paris and Boulogne. And congratulations to Focal: offering good headphones, accessible to all, should be recognized as being of public utility 😉


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