Review of the SONY WF-1000X wireless in-ear noise canceling headphones


In the section of wireless in-ear headphones, let’s not miss the Sony WF-1000X headphones which are one of the best in-ear headphones in their category. Truly wireless (true-wireless), it presents a perfect combination of performance and practicality. The Sony WF-1000X is about minimalism while maintaining premium quality.

Up to 9 hours of battery life and SENSE ENGINE sound control technology

The Sony WF-1000X in-ear headphones are wireless and cordless headphones closed type. They dispose silicone tips which slip into the auditory canal of the ear for a passive insulation significant. It provides a intimate and personal listening High quality. To best adapt to everyone, the helmet comes with several tips of different sizes. 2 types of tips are available: classic bits as well as end caps soft touch semi-shape memory. It’s not for nothing that they are called “triple comfort earphones”. Comfort is nothing without good reproduction quality and that is why Sony emphasizes the use of 6mm dome type diaphragms. Small in size but big in sound, you benefit from a balanced sound over the entire range of your songs.

Sony wanted to put sound in the spotlight in the design of these headphones, as we have seen. For the occasion, he decided to introduce the audio control technology SENSE ENGINE. Technology SenseEngine isolate outside noise and noise to enhance the listening experience. It uses internal and external microphones to detect and compensate for ambient noise. The technology is reinforced by the application Headphones Connect which enables the use of the smart listening function to customize your headset depending on your wishes.

You can also personalize your listening thanks to the equalizer function, automatically change the ambient sound mode by activity recognition. An essential mobile application that you will be asked to download as soon as you make the first pairing with your WF-1000X. It is available for devices running iOS and Android of course.

Personally listening, I love it! I tested the headphones listening to a bit of Bob Marley, Fallin by Alicia Keys for the bass side of the voice, a bit of Aretha Franklin and the Buena Vista social Club to appreciate the tones Cubans.

The helmet brings out the sounds different pieces whatever their styles. The rear “flaws” of the sound, which one tends not to hear with more traditional headphones, stand out in turn, giving a certain singularity to the music. The balance between the two ears is done in a fluid way and we spend a very pleasant moment of listening. The Sony WF-1000X in-ear wireless headphones offer a moment in complete sound immersion. It offers one of best noise reductions on the market in its category.

From a point of view autonomy, Sony respects the codes of the genre by accompanying its WF-1000X headphones with a NFC™ charging case. It thus benefits from a extended autonomy up to 9h. Its basic normal autonomy being 3 hours of music on a single charge. You will enjoy his fast loading, only 15 minutes of charge for 75 minutes of listening.

A 100% WIRELESS headset

It is clear that the wireless technology mainly represented by Bluetooth® technology for mobile helmets has been in vogue in recent years, and we understand why! Wireless products typically take less space and allow a very unrestrictive daily use. They are particularly widely adopted in transport, in the street and in the practice of a sporting activity…

Wireless headsets provide full freedom of movement and benefit everyone. Of course, the choice of a wireless headset is personal and always better test it first to make his decision. To find out more about the innovation of wireless headsets, we can only strongly advise you to read the dedicated article on our site.

One of the key points of the Sony WF-1000X headphones is its Bluetooth® 4.1 compatibility, to quickly connect to your compatible devices such as your smartphones, tablets, walkmans, laptops … No restrictions with a scope in open fields ranging up to 10 meters and a very low risk of disconnection!

This helmet True-Wireless was also the winner of the 2017 What Hi*FI award for the best wireless in-ear headphones. He is devoid of any connectors and wires. It is only equipped with a small button performing the on/off functions and necessary for Bluetooth® pairing with your peripherals. Of course, for or against you will say to me, it is a personal choice… Some will regret the volume buttons on the earphones and will consider that the wired sound is better, while others will prefer these new technologies and the greater risk of “brushes” getting tangled up.

And to seduce outstanding athletes, it may well be that a sports version of the helmet Sony WF-1000X is coming… Sony presented its new products at the CES 2018 from Las Vegas last month and mentioned the arrival of a helmet Special sports wireless.


Looking for a wireless, cordless in-ear headset with a Excellent value ? Let yourself be seduced by this helmet True-Wireless Sony WF-1000X.

Women or Men, this model fits all ! It is available in 2 colors: gold and black to satisfy a greater number.

Come and test it in store, it’s just waiting for your ears!


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