Selection of 10 High Tech products for women


Valentine’s day fast approaching and you still haven’t found the little attention to please your sweetheart?
Or are you just like me, a woman drowning in a innumerable choice of high-tech products with complex names and characteristics, which seem understandable only to technophiles and audiophiles?
Do you want to discover the mysteries of the world of hifi for women?
Then this article for women, written by a woman is for you.

Often wrongly qualified as a very masculine field, the field of stereo, home cinema, the vast universe of high tech, is also intended to be feminine by offering products that can appeal to ladies.

This selection of 10 products will (for sure) please your dear and tender, the one you want to seduce, or in another context, your sister, friend, colleague, or the inconsiderate technophile who lies dormant in you.


It’s hard to get motivated in winter, but as summer approaches it becomes almost fundamental.
This Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones gives strength and motivation. It will not be able to slow you down, it guarantees total freedom of movement.
Untangling headphones, tripping over wires, these little everyday annoyances will be only distant memories.
The performance and autonomy of 10 hours of the Optoma NuForce BeSport3 will accompany you at all times.
IP55 certifiedit demonstrates resistance to water, dust and sweat even during your most Olympic sports sessions.
And then …. Spread the word … this rose gold color is sublime. (For those expressing reluctance to pink, it comes with 3 pairs of tips in different colors).


In a nostalgic mood? Like a desire to listen again to the vinyls of adolescence left in the attic? Or do you want to buy the limited edition single format vinyl of your favorite artist? Then this product is made for you, or for the person to whom you wish to offer it.
Platinum with an elegant appearance, a perfect mix between the modern of steel and the rustic of wood that will sublimate your interior.
In addition to its design that we love, it is full of many very significant features: built-in phono preamp and an USB output to digitize your precious vinyl records in CD quality for example…


To listen to “Be a womaneeeee thoroughly in your living room” or dance to Beyoncé while jumping on the sofa, this column speaker will be the perfect partner.
From a design point of view, we keep the rustic aspect of the color Walnut.
It is often difficult to choose your column speaker from the vast choice available to us; The Monitor Audio Bronze 5 tower speaker was unanimously acclaimed: rewarded by the Diapason d’Or, What Hi-Fi Award, Hi-Fi choice recommendation, or by more than 15 international awards in total.
Its main advantages lie in its box, which benefits from internal reinforcements to improve the sound and reduce the coloration of the sound: ie the effect of wood on the sound.


Who has never dreamed of feeling at home like in the movies ? Watch a movie of High quality in Full HD (Blu-Ray quality) without having to move from your sofa… It’s true that it seems rather appreciable.
The Optoma HD 270 video projector can be simply qualified by the key words: simplicity and practicality. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1, you can expect a perfectly high-contrast cinematic experience to delight the eyes.
A key point that we note from this video projector: the possibility of displaying 3D content. If you are looking for an ideal companion for your home cinema sessions, you have found it!
In addition to all these features, The HD 270 which will accompany you over the long term thanks to its lamp which guarantees it up to 6500 hours of life.
To accompany it, we can offer you a wide choice of projection screens whose Oray 2000 HC MPP 02B1. The Oray brand is a guarantee of quality in the field. Its matte finish, its 16/9 format, not to mention its ease of use and assembly, will delight you.
To be completed of course with a system home cinema to enjoy both image and sound.
Don’t forget the popcorn… #like at home


Transform your TV into a real decorative object has now become possible thanks to Samsung innovation “The Frame”. He will blend perfectlyt to the decoration of your interior. Enjoy of the best of television, without encumbering you with a dedicated piece of furniture, by simply taking advantage of this TV in mixing technology and beauty. Ingenuity on the part of Samsung on this 4K Ultra-HD TV sumptuous on and off.
Switched off, it can be transformed into a work of art by broadcasting a previously chosen personal photo or other.
When switched on, it broadcasts high quality images: its light sensor allows it to adjust screen brightness based on ambient lighting, so it doesn’t denote and blend into your living space.
Moody ? Outstanding decorator, do you love to change your interior as you wish? Your Samsung television will be able to adapt to your desires for change thanks to its interchangeable frames in various colors (sold separately).
In addition to all these features that we love, this TV is called “SmartTV” : many high-tech features in a single product: access to the Samsung web portal, internet browser, integrated apps, bluetooth® mode, etc.


Among the recommended products, to offer or to treat yourself, thewireless speaker remains essential. She will become your partner wherever you are.
No longer worry about connection issues, such as extension cords to go to the terrace during your summer evenings…
The 3 products we offer will delight you.

To help you make your choice,

The Marshall Woburn Cream adapts to the products presented previously by its color and its appreciable vintage style. This sublime loudspeaker is the most beautiful tribute paid to guitar amps.
What we particularly like: its high quality real wood frame which will give a unique appearance listening to you.
Its vintage interface is enhanced by the settings buttons where it is possible to adjust the level of bass and treble.
Technology-friendly enclosure Bluetooth® aptX™, it works with many devices. And for the more traditional, it also comes with a high quality jack.

We can only advise you Sonos Play:1 wireless speaker which delivers a sound that surprises with its richness and musicality.
Its big +? : it can be plugged into a multi-room network to be listened to in different rooms of the house, without interference or interruptions.
Compact and versatile, it perfectly fulfills the missions of a wireless speaker, with the added bonus of exceptional sound quality in a small format. It can even be qualified as best in small enclosures. No wireless speaker of this size offers such clear and surprisingly powerful sound.

In a different register, but still very surprising, the JBL GO wireless speakerwill be the little musical moment you will need in the four corners of the world or simply in your bathroom while taking your shower.
Small, space-saving and colorfulit will go perfectly with your hiking backpack or your small cabin suitcase for the holidays.
We appreciate it for its format compacthis autonomy of 5 hours, and its charging time of only 1 hour 30 minutes.


Finally, we could not conclude the selection without recommending a wireless headset. You begin to know my love for the products Marshall.
In addition to its design, we find features that make the difference : an autonomy of 30 hours, a microphone and a multifunction key.
Discreet, it won’t take up much space for the sound pleasure it delivers. Its adjustable size headband adapts to all profiles.
Out of battery on your headphones? You can still use it thanks to the 3.5 mm mini jack delivered with the helmet.


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