SONY 1000X: The wireless and noiseless range!


LSony’s 1000X range of headphones was a pleasant surprise last year for all on-the-go or sedentary audiophiles who wanted to enjoy innovative and relevant headphones. This year, it is expanding with 3 new models that are sure to make a big noise unlike what you will hear when you put them on your ears.

A DNA to keep

Lhe reception was favorable, not to say enthusiastic, when the 1000X range arrived on the market last year. The MDR-1000X wireless circum-aural headphones are a perfect example of this, especially since they will receive a What Hi*Fi Award 2016 in the category of the best headphones with noise reduction technology at over £100 (currently around €112). Like Bose or Sennheiser headphones, Sony was back in the big leagues with one of the best wireless headphones with circumaural architecture and noise reduction technology on the market. Today, Sony adds 3 new references to this range which highlights performance, listening comfort and ease of use. Welcome to the WH-1000XM2, WI-1000X and WF-1000X.

The SONY WH-1000XM2

MEven if the surname is a little different, make no mistake, the WH-1000XM2 is indeed a revision of the excellent MDR-1000X headphones. It thus retains all the strong points while trying to erase the few existing weak points. Thus, it adopts substantially the same compact design with fine lines and closed-type circum-auricular architecture. Technically speaking, we are not changing a winning recipe: Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity compatible with LDAC and aptX HD™, Hi-Res certification for wired use, optimization for the S-Master HD™ format and use of DSEE HX™ technology ( Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX). It gains nearly 10 hours of battery life in addition to 30 hours and benefits from a solid Digital NC (Digital Noise-Canceling) noise reduction technology and the surprising active noise control system SenseEngine.

The SONY WI-1000X

Lhe WI-1000X in-ear headphones come in the form of two in-ear headphones connected to a neckband (or neck strap depending on language preferences) which contains the best of the Japanese firm’s technologies. Like its cousin, the WH-1000XM2, these hybrid intra headphones benefit from astonishing acoustics which can also boast of benefiting from Hi-Res certification for wired use. These Bluetooth® wireless in-ear headphones (LDAC and aptX HD™) incorporate the same technologies such as S-Master HX™ or DSEE HX™ technology. If I tell you SenseEngine, you start to know the song and the WI-1000X is no exception. A hybrid in-ear headset with its amazing and above all convincing neckband design for those who wish to benefit from an intelligent in-ear headset capable of eliminating surrounding noise.

The SONY WF-1000X

Lhe smallest of the new Sony headphones, is not the least interesting and for good reason. The WF-1000X in-ear headphones are Sony’s very first wireless and cordless (True Wireless) headphones. If you know the adage “no arms, no chocolate” then you will perfectly understand the one that can be pinned on the wireless in-ear headphones True-Wireless “no wires, no hassle”. The SONY WF-1000X is by the way, the winner of a What Hi*Fi Award 2017 in the category of best wireless in-ear headphones and that says it all. Excellent acoustics? You benefit from these 6mm dome-type drivers. Connectivity? 100% Bluetooth® 4.1. Listening comfort? The digital noise reduction technology and the system SenseEngine, should put you in the ear. The WF-1000X is quite simply the wireless and cordless in-ear headphones of this end of the year capable of following you for nearly 9 hours thanks to its NFC charging case.

ATith these new references that will find attentive ears according to your listening preferences; Sony offers a mobile application available on iOS and the Google Play Store: SONY | Headphones Connect. This application allows you to control the parameters of the smart listening function by adaptive sound control. In addition, equipped with an equalizer, you can modify the sound levels of your songs in the simplest way. It looks like Sony has thought of everything when introducing the best of noise-canceling technology in three headphones with different listening styles. The WH-1000XM2 model can already be discovered in the BH stores in Boulogne and Parmentier.


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