[Test Espresso] KEF M400: lightweight and very musical headphones!


This time, it’s the M400 headphones from English manufacturer KEF that are put to the test over a nice little Ethiopian coffee. At 149€, we can say straight away that these headphones surprised us with their sense of musicality and their very good comfort!

A design by Porsche

It is rare to see such affordable mobile headphones designed with such care. The robust cast aluminum structure has a satin finish, and both the headband and the headphones are lined with anti-perspirant leather. Inside we can find 40 mm transducers equipped with neodymium magnets and CCAW coils, similar to those used for the big brother M500. Do you find it beautiful? Normal, its design is signed by Studio FA Porsche! Ultra-light and very comfortable, this closed-back headset is perfect for the street or transport: its supra-auricular high-density memory foam ear cups exert very little pressure on the ears, and provide excellent passive insulation against outside noise. Tested and approved on Avenue Parmentier!

Comfortable, lightweight and versatile

Foldable for easy transport, the KEF M400 is equipped with a detachable cable carrying an iPod/iPad/iPhone certified microphone and remote control. During our tests, we were also able to observe compatibility with smartphones running Android, but in this case, only taking calls and the play/pause function are functional. Easy to power thanks to its impedance of 32 Ohms, it will do wonders with a simple smartphone: whether it’s the little Wiko Pulp 4G or an iPhone 5S, we get a satisfactory listening volume at half power. , and super punchy as soon as we approach the amplification limits of our mobile phones. The KEF M400 headphones are supplied with a carrying pouch and an airplane adapter.

Signature KEF sound

In addition to its design and its very good comfort, the KEF M400 audio headphones have an appreciable sound, both precise and full of energy. KEF engineers have successfully tuned this headset! The treble is clear and well chiseled (without shine or harshness), the midrange shows a beautiful naturalness, and the bass is not only tense, but also devilishly percussive. Everything mixes quite well, without ever tiring the ear. The musicality is excellent, and we can only salute the ease of these headphones in supporting most musical genres, in particular modern music. You can even opt for different rather nice colors, namely Deep Black, Champagne White and Sunset Orange.

For 149€, these KEF M400 headphones are, in our opinion, a great success. It is perfectly adapted to everyday life, and delivers sound performances that are rather rare in this price range. Well done Mr Kef!

SENSITIVITY 101.5dB±4dB (IEC-318 at 1KHz)
IMPEDANCE 32±15% Ohms
CONNECTION 3.5/3.5mm

NB: Test carried out with Hi-Res, MP3 and CD Quality files streaming from the Qobuz service


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