[Test Espresso] Pioneer SE-CH5T: in-ear Hi-Res headphones at €49?!?


The Pioneer SE-CH5T are Hi-Res certified in-ear headphones, sold for €49… And yes, there are still inexpensive products, with serious advantages! If you’re looking for affordable in-ear headphones that sound clear and punchy to replace the one that came with your smartphone, then read on.

A clear and energetic sound

The Pioneer SE-CH5T in-ear headphones offer a modern sound, which undoubtedly leans towards the light side of the force (beware, this does not necessarily appeal to everyone). Equipped with a smartphone and a Qobuz Sublime subscription, we submitted various music to him in CD or Hi-Res quality. Each time, this valiant pair of intras has been able to deliver an excellent level of detail, with a very beautiful energy. The treble goes high, without saturation or unpleasant sibilance. The midrange is simply superb, and provides excellent voice reproduction. The latter are well put forward, with a very satisfactory realism and richness. The bass is taut and generous: the basses never veil the rest of the music, and are perfectly separated from the other registers. The stereo image is well reproduced and orchestras reveal a decent soundstage, with easily identifiable instrument placement. All that for 49?!?

Lightweight and comfortable design

Very comfortable to wear, the Pioneer SE-CH5T intra headphones quickly manage to be forgotten. It also comes to fit perfectly in the ear, thanks to an intelligent design. As with all intras, special attention must be paid to the choice of tips. Once the right tips have been chosen, the bass gains in depth, we obtain better comfort, as well as more effective insulation. The fact that the cable surrounds the ear is a good thing: it helps to minimize cable-related noise (for example, when you touch the cable, or when you walk, etc.), while guaranteeing better support on the ear . The sturdy braided cable includes a microphone + control pair: with our android smartphone, pressing gives access to the play/pause function, and holding down triggers Google voice recognition (SMS, Calls, etc.)

The only real regret we could have about this helmet concerns its plastic finish… But at 49€, how could it be otherwise? In addition, this material allows the helmet to be ultra light. A bad for a good ? The Pioneer SE-CH5T remains one of the most remarkable price/performance ratio headphones, ideal for replacing the poor headphones supplied with your smartphone, without breaking the bank. It is available in Black, Silver or Red finish.


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