Which headphones to choose for watching TV


Headphones are still the only way to watch television without disturbing those around you. From simple wired headphones to RF TV headphones, including headphones compatible with surround formats or even wireless models, there are several solutions for enjoying your TV with headphones. These solutions are to be chosen according to the functionalities present on your television (presence or not of Bluetooth for example), but also of the available connectors (mini-jack output, optical, etc.). Nothing really complicated!

Solution n°1: wireless TV headphones

We no longer present the wireless TV headset, also called UHF TV headset, RF TV headset or IR TV headset in reference to the technology used for the transmission of the sound signal. A wireless TV headset is made up of a transmitter base and one or more receiver headsets. The transmitter base receives the sound signal from the television set using an optical, RCA or mini-jack cable. Your television must adopt one of these connectors: you just have to determine which one! The wireless TV headset is therefore a universal solution, compatible with all televisions. German Sennheiser and Japanese Sony are unquestionably the masters of wireless TV headphones. You will be able to find very simple wireless TV headphones, and other much more advanced models ensuring, for example, 7.1 surround playback. Comfortable and practical, they offer excellent sound quality. They also have an impressive range of up to 100 meters (except for IR TV headsets).

Solution n°2: the Bluetooth headset

If your television is connected to the network, then there is a good chance that it has a Bluetooth module. It still has to be compatible with headphones. We insist, but it is imperative that the integrated Bluetooth is able to support audio headsets! Some Smart TVs limit the use of Bluetooth to pairing a mouse or keyboard. Once you’ve made sure your TV is compatible, then you can opt for one of the many Bluetooth headsets available on the market. There are some at all prices, and of all qualities… Note that you can also add the Bluetooth function to a TV that does not have it. It will therefore be necessary to add a small transmitter box. This type of device costs around fifty euros, as is the case with the Real Cable iPlug BTX HD and iPlug BTX. Simply connect them respectively to the optical or mini-jack output of your screen, and power them via a USB port. This solution is ideal if you already have a good Bluetooth headset that you don’t want to part with!

Solution n°3: wired headphones

Nowadays, most televisions still have a headphone output in mini-jack format. Be careful though, this is sometimes shared with the optical digital output… You therefore risk not seeing it at first glance! And yet, she is present. In the case of a mixed mini-jack/optical socket, simply remove the small square plastic cover that obstructs the connector. You can then accommodate the mini-jack plug of your traditional hi-fi headphones without forcing it (think of the mini-jack extension). It’s as simple as that ! If the television has an RCA output – these birds are increasingly rare – then a simple stereo RCA to female mini-jack adapter will do the trick. There are some for less than 5€… Finally, if the only audio output of your TV is in optical format, we do not recommend that you purchase an optical DAC to mini-jack/RCA converter. Indeed, you will not be able to adjust the volume that reaches the headphones, the optical output of the television being fixed (not variable).

You have probably already noticed that watching television at low volume does not provide good immersion or good understanding of the dialogues… Headphones allow viewers to enjoy immersive quality sound, without disturbing those around them. The most advanced wireless TV headphones will even allow you to experience the thrill of home cinema with 7.1 surround sound! But you can also, in some cases, use a Bluetooth headset or a wired headset. If you have any doubts, ask us!

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