3D printing and Intra Helmet: Final announces its LAB II!


There’s no need to cut corners: the Final LAB II in-ear headphones offer an incredible look and a hyper-detailed design, impossible to achieve with traditional production techniques.

Final LAB II: limited edition of 200 pieces

Inspired by the Piano Forte series, the Final LAB II in-ear headphones offer a new 15mm diameter open transducer, contained in a titanium shell designed using a 3D printer. For technical reasons, the mechanical equalizer was also developed using 3D printing. “Sound conducted in front suppresses interference from the front to the back of the diaphragm”.

Luxurious, the LAB II is a real acoustic gem, cultivating a breathtaking attention to detail. Witness, for example, the detachable cable with its crystal design and high-end connectors… Limited to 200 numbered pieces, this in-ear headset will be available in September 2016 for the modest sum of $4,000. Rest assured: we are told an exceptional sound!

Another intra signed Final Audio, the F7200, will be released almost at the same time. It is the smallest intra in the world, and its case weighs only 2 grams. Sold for €480, it will be available in two less expensive versions, from €180.


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