A new space dedicated to high-end helmets at BH!


Our Boulogne store already had its top-of-the-range “Headset Space”, in which you can test the most prestigious headphones, on the best amps… Today, it’s the turn of the Paris store to offer you a dedicated corner to High-End helmets!

You wouldn’t buy a loudspeaker without listening to it? So why would you buy a Audiophile headphones without having tested it? Based on this principle, we decided to create a space dedicated to listening to high-end Hi-Fi headphones in our Paris store, so you can get a REAL idea, with your own ears.

To start, we selected some of the best helmets currently available, and have associated them with recognized headphone amps for their performances, all plugged into a Parasound Z series split-element set (Zamp V3 + Zcd + Zdac). From now on, you can combine such a headset with such an amp, to determine if the association is favorable, then listen with another amp, or another headset… All comparisons become possible in the blink of an eye ! Of course, if you want to try a helmet that is not part of our selection, then all you have to do is ask one of our sales staff: they will be happy to have it tested for you. Stax, grade, ultrasound, BeyerDynamic, audio-technica, Sennheiser… Paris is magic, and BH too 😉

We would also like to remind you of the presence of a similar space, dedicated to listening to High End Headphones, in our store Boulogne BH (you can read the article here). With that, good listening, and don’t forget to bring your CDs (or your FLAC/WAV files)!

Listen, compare, test… Some photos of the High-End Headphones area (BH, Paris)


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