Astell & Kern X JH Audio: Rosie, Angie II, Roxanne II and Layla II


Behind JH Audio is Jerry Harvey, who began his business as an intra manufacturer by equipping the members of Van Halen and Skid Row. It is therefore with a lot of know-how that the American offers us, in partnership with the Korean Astell & Kern, a whole series of high-end in-ear headphones. These little jewels are entirely handmade, in the United States. The celebrations therefore begin from €1039, with an improved version of the famous JH13, under the name Astell & Kern Rosie.

Astell & Kern Rosie by JH Audio

The shells of the Astell & Kern Rosie 3-way in-ear headphones are made of aluminium, and each contain 6 balanced armature transducers (2 transducers dedicated to each frequency range). To ensure optimal timing and diffusion, the duct is pierced with three stainless steel holes embodying the Freqphase waveguide technology. On the wiring side, we can count on the superb work of Moon Audio, which signs the two detachable cables supplied with these Rosie headphones. If the first unbalanced cable with 3.5mm connector is already impressive, owners of walkmans with balanced output (AK240, AK320, AK380, AK120 II, AK100 II, AK70) will gladly turn to the 2.5mm TRRS cable.

Angie II, Roxanne II & Layla II

A notch above, we find the Astell & Kern Angie II by JH Audio (€1449). The design is strictly identical to that of its little brother Rosie, except as regards the transducers: here we are on an architecture with 8 drivers per headset. The benefit in the treble is obvious, with 4 transducers dedicated to this register instead of 2. You want more and you have a budget of 2099€? Opt for the Astell & Kern Roxanne II, and its 12 BA transducers per headset (each frequency register is therefore supported by 4 drivers)!!! Finally, at the top of the range is the prestigious Astell & Kern Layla II (only €3,049). The latter remains on a 3-way system with 12 transducers, but opts for titanium shells rather than aluminum in order to offer an even more neutral sound (sound professionals will appreciate this, and will gladly adopt it as a working tool) .

Moon Audio wiring

As you will have understood, the main difference between all these intra headsets lies mainly in the number of integrated headphones, and the material of the shells, which both have a decisive impact on the sound. Note that all Astell & Kern by JH Audio intras allow you to adjust the bass level via two small screws located on the cable (0 to +15dB). They are also supplied with the following accessories: an unbalanced 3.5mm cable, a balanced 2.5mm cable, three pairs of silicone tips, three pairs of ComplyFoam tips, a cleaning accessory, a flat screwdriver, and a storage case.

Ah yes, we also take this opportunity to tell you that the new audiophile AK70 player (649€) is now on display in our showroom in Paris. Come with your SD card full of Hi-res files!!!


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