Back to school 2016: The must have for the student


While the start of the new academic year is becoming more and more felt, many students are still enjoying their fully deserved holidays. In order to prepare for the start of the 2016 school year as it should, the BH team has decided to concoct a little must-have for students to face this terrible and cruel ordeal.

Picture universe

Television is a friend on which the student can always count. She braves the vagaries of the internet connection and the evenings alone with the revision sheets to offer programs allowing her to clear her head. It is also a unique way to enjoy sporting events with friends and spend a pleasant evening. The LG 32LH500D television, from the top of its 80 cm diagonal, will be able to keep all these promises and even more. For a little over two hundred euros, this HD television will display neat colors and a more than satisfactory contrast at such a price! Perfectly suited for a bedroom or a small living room, the LG 32LH500D also has the noise reduction function, the neighbors will thank you.

For movie lovers, the Blu-Ray player is more than recommended! It is a practical and inexpensive solution for enjoying your entire collection of films (Blu-Ray, CD and DVD). With its DLNA compatibility guaranteeing access to many services (HD VOD, YouTube, Netflix, etc.), its Ultra HD 4K upscaling and a displayed price of €99, the Panasonic DMP-BDT180 EF Blu-Ray player appears to be the best value for money. It is well known that enjoying a moment of relaxation in front of a good movie after class is one of the best ways to rest.

High-Fidelity and nomadic universe

Music is arguably the most important element in a student’s life. Indispensable in the evening, it also punctuates your daily life but can quickly become cumbersome. Student housing generally has little space, it is difficult to take your audiophile installation with you. The more compact microchannel format therefore appears to be an alternative that should not be overlooked. The Panasonic SC-HC 29 EFK is a complete micro-system that offers many functions for a reduced price (100€). It has a CD player, an FM tuner (RDS), a USB port but also and above all the Bluetooth function to be able to stream music from your smartphone or tablet!

Bluetooth speakers are also a good way to stream music while limiting clutter. They also have the advantage of being nomadic and of being able to slip easily into a bag. The Sony SRS-XB2 Bluetooth speaker combines both aesthetics and power thanks to its extra bass function and sleek design. Priced at €99, this portable speaker is made for adventure! In addition to being splash-proof, it has a 12-hour battery life, enough to party all night long and more.

Universe Headphones and earphones

The helmet is also important, especially when traveling. It allows you to wake up gradually and gently from the evening of the day before and to motivate yourself to face a busy day. In the less than 80€ category, the JBL E40 BT is a serious contender. The Bluetooth connectivity of these on-ear headphones is a real treat, no need to untangle the headphones! Its wide bandwidth allows it to faithfully reproduce each note of music and its 16 hours of autonomy avoid having to recharge it all the time. A little cheaper this time, the JVC HA-SR625 at around €59. These circum-auricular headphones reproduce deep bass wonderfully and are very robust with their stainless steel headband. Its soft pads make it so comfortable that you forget it’s on your head. Of course, these two helmets are foldable so that they can be stored in a bag.

Both discreet and light, in-ear headphones appeal to many students and the Sony XBA-H1 is one of them. Based on a hybrid construction and a closed design, these in-ear headphones deliver clear and powerful sound for less than 80€. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can use the Beat Response Control system to obtain a more “heavy” sound that will give pride of place to the highs and mids. For its part, the Marshall Mode In Ear benefits from all the know-how which, over the years, has made the brand famous. These in-ear headphones deliver stunning sound quality with minimal distortion and provide tremendous frequency response. We will also appreciate its unique and elegant design.

This is what you need to face the start of the school year successfully! And for those who want more, find a wide selection of Image and Sound products on the BH website and in our stores in Paris and Boulogne.


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