BH partner of the Ozyria community


BH is pleased to announce its partnership with the Ozyria multigaming community! To celebrate, try to win an Astro A40 helmet on their Facebook and Twitter pages…

At the house of BH, we love them video games, and not just a little! We have already proven it to you with articles on TV input lag… To go even further, we have chosen to support the bubbling multigaming community Ozyria.

Ozyria is a French-speaking community created in 2015 by video game enthusiasts. League of Legends, Counter Strike: GO, Street Fighter 4, Hearstone… The most popular games in the galaxy eSports are represented by the members of the team! Ozyria also organizes many tournaments and events around electronic sport, which are broadcast live on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube.

To celebrate this partnership as it should, try to win a gaming headset Astro A40 on the Facebook pages and Twitter of the Ozyria community.


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