Denon DA-300USB DAC: converter + audiophile headphone amplifier!


A new DAC is pointing the tip of its nose at Denon! If the Japanese manufacturer is accustomed to converters, this Denon DA-300USB is its first “separate element” type DAC. Neat technologies, modern look, interesting features… We can’t wait to try it!

And yes, the DA-300USB is indeed everything Denon’s first “separate element” DAC ! Because the firm is not at its first attempt in terms of DAC, far from it: it has been integrating its digital-analog conversion circuits for years in high-end Hi-Fi devices, and with recognized performance.

With this Denon DA-300USB, the manufacturer gives us a 32Bit/192kHz DAC ultra versatile enhanced with proprietary treatment Al32 Processing. It is not only able to handle flows PCM in 24/192 on its digital inputs, but also the flows DSD2.8/5.6 via USB! Recognized as an external sound card by your computer, it automatically takes over the integrated circuit of your Mac/PC, thanks to a “Master Clock” design. It also benefits from Bit-transparent and Asynchronous modes, for an ultra-precise reproduction. Truly impressive in terms of embedded technologies, this DAC Denon DA-300USB offers a satisfactory connection, led by an RCA output, 4 digital inputs (including 1 Asynchronous Type B USB port), and a high quality headphone jack in 6.35mm format.

You will understand, we REALLY look forward to testing this converter Denon DA-300USB ! In the meantime, you can always consult the technical data sheet on our site, or the press release: you will certainly learn some interesting things there!


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