Espace Audio High-End Headphones version 2.0 at BH (Boulogne)!


The top-of-the-range headphones section of the most famous snake in France has had a facelift! More accessible, more user-friendly, more visible, better organised… We understand you! Visit our store in Boulogne to discover what we secretly call “the helmet bar” ;-)…

New listening concept in your BH store in Boulogne! The whole team presents its new space dedicated to high-end headphones : a friendly place, perfectly equipped, and accessible to all, in which you can compare the most prestigious helmets of the moment.

Ah yes, and what can you find there, you might say… If I mention the Stax SRS-4170 and SRS-3170, does that speak to you? You can also find the magnificent flagships of the American brand Grado, which are the PS500, PS1000, and GS1000. The essential BeyerDynamic T1 and Sennheiser HD700 / HD800 headphones are of course included, as is the flagship of Japanese Audio Technica, the ATH-W5000. Always on the side of the land of the rising sun, you will find the amazing Denon AH-D7100. Do you want more ? Ok… All of these headphones can be listened to on audiophile amplifiers, like the Stax SRM-006ts, Beyer A1, or Micromega MyZic.

Come visit us in Boulogne to discover THE LARGEST HIGH-END HELMET SPACE IN THE CAPITAL ! And don’t forget to negotiate the prices!!!

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