Final x Generations x BH


Final and Generations offer you to win 5 Sonorous II headphones! And so that there are no disappointments, we are offering you an exceptional 15% discount on the entire Final range with the code FINALCOBRA… Thank you who?

Generations x Final

All week long, participate in the remixxx with Jimmy, Marina, Lorent & Baloo on Générations, and you may be able to walk away with the brand new Final Sonorous II headphones worth 300€. The Final Sonorous II and Sonorous III audio headsets inherit the technical solutions used by their prestigious elders Sonorous X and Sonorous VIII, including the famous 50 mm titanium diaphragm speakers. The BAM mechanism is also part of the game, and we will gladly underline the breathtaking sound of these helmets entirely manufactured in the land of the Rising Sun. To discover in test here, or to listen in BH stores…

There are countless artists (professionals or amateurs, etc.) who swear by Final headphones. Here is a small selection of live freestyles from the Generations studios… You will easily recognize the helmets used 😉


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