Focal Utopia & Elear: audiophile headphones made in France!



After a release to great fanfare across the Atlantic, and to the praise of the American specialized press, the essential audiophile headphones Focal Utopia and Elear will soon land in France. Here is a little debriefing to get to know these beasts well before they are available in our beautiful hexagon… In the USA, the Focal Elear and Utopia headphones are already huge successes! We don’t even count the number of pre-orders, which is rather surprising for helmets respectively displayed at 1000€ and 4000€.

The best helmets in their categories?

Both references are made in France, in Saint-Etienne! These two helmets have been developed with the aim of being the most efficient and the most comfortable in their categories. To achieve this, Focal has worked on transducers that have no equivalent on the market. Elear therefore receives a 40 mm speaker with an M dome in aluminium/magnesium alloy, and Utopia a driver of the same diameter, but this time in pure beryllium. Both are the subject of a patent application, and cover a very wide bandwidth ranging from 5Hz to 23 kHz for the first, and from 5 Hz to 50 kHz for the second. The shells that accommodate these HP are open, and connected to a yoke whose shape has been carefully studied to fit the shape of your head. This yoke is aluminum for the Elear, and carbon fiber for the Utopia. In both cases, the leather headband incorporates a well-thought-out adjustment mechanism, and the 20 mm thick over-ear ear cups are designed using memory foam. If these ear cups are simply microfiber on the Elear, the Utopia takes it up a notch in refinement with the use of genuine lambskin. On the wiring side, if both have a detachable 4 m OFC copper cable, they are equipped with different connectors: namely Jack/2xMini-jack for the Elear, and Jack/2xLemo for the Utopia. Luxurious, these two helmets benefit from a simply irreproachable finish, and are sold with a beautiful rigid box with magnetic closure. Compared to the Elear, the Focal Utopia headphones notably seem to exhibit a more nuanced and better articulated treble, as well as a sound image that gains in definition. In any case, the critics from the USA are unanimous on the acoustic qualities of these two headphones…

Focal Utopia and Elear headphones will be listening in a few days are already listening in BH stores in Boulogne and Paris. Don’t hesitate to pay us a little visit! Note that the Utopia is already considered the best dynamic helmet of all time… That announces the color perfectly!


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