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The world of video games has almost nothing to envy to the cinema regarding the work done on the soundtracks. These are thus richer, more immersive and require quality equipment to take full advantage of them. BH responds to this demand by developing a “Gaming” area and a “Gaming Headsets” category.

The video game market is constantly changing and continues to experience new sales records as well as new products such as the Sony Playstation 4, the Xbox One, tablets, mobiles, PCs and the many compatible accessories (helmets, cameras, etc.). In 2013, France had no less than 28.6 million players. 11-64 year olds represent 25 million Gamers; which encompasses 55% of this global population. So nearly one out of two players is a female player (49%) against only 10% 15 years ago; the player’s average age has risen from 38 to 21 at the end of the 1990s. Today, one in two households can easily be said to have more than one computer; a console including 15 million home consoles and 17 million French portable consoles (source: the Web editorial line of L’Express [l’Expansion] : the video game market in 2013).

However owning a PC, a console is one thing but taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by this media at the audio or video level for optimum pleasure is another. This is where BH comes in by offering you an ever-expanding choice of Full HD and Ultra HD 4K TVs as well as video projectors to enjoy an image with unrivaled precision. On the audio side, our 2.1, 5.1 and even 7.1 speaker systems make the most of the work done by the studios on the sound environment and are able to transcribe the atmosphere of a game as faithfully as possible. both in a console and PC environment.

A “Gaming headset” category

With a view to to expand the offer in order to satisfy the different uses of audio/video equipment, the site now hosts a “Gaming headsets” category. The main purpose of these audio headsets is to improve, facilitate and participate in your video game pleasure, whether on a console or PC environment. Moreover, some of these headsets can work for on-the-go use on the go with your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Game or music, you benefit from a sometimes versatile product equipped with a retractable or removable microphone for discreet and effective use in urban environments.

That you want to enjoy an intimate and discreet sound environment; whether you need a headset with built-in microphone for frenzied multiplayer games or just want to enjoy stereo or 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound with compact hardware on your console or PC; BH now has a wide selection of headphones to recommend.

You find thus the best “Gaming” audio headsets among the major brands such as: Razer, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Logitech. Other models and other brands will come to enrich this new category of helmets which allow you to take full advantage of online gaming thanks to a microphone or to enjoy a stereo or Surround environment in total comfort.

A “Gaming” space in store

On the sidelines from the creation of this category, it seemed natural to the BH team to diversify and to be able to offer a demonstration of an environment dedicated to “gaming” audio. Thus, in order to give substance to this reflection, a small “Gaming” space now allows you to test some of our headsets in real use conditions with the Sony Playstation 4 home console. Of course, you can only have access to the headsets compatible with the latest Sony home console, but that’s a good start. A BH expert can now show you the model of your choice available with a game or movie demo. Moreover, the demo headset is currently the excellent Sennheiser G4me Zero “Gaming” headset.

If the experience you are only moderately interested in headphones, you can also enjoy an explosive 5.1 home cinema installation thanks to a composition imagined by us. This highlights the excellent characteristics of the Yamaha RX-V775 home cinema amplifier coupled with the Focal Pack Chorus 726 HG 5.0 home cinema speaker system accompanied by the Focal Chorus SW 700 V High Gloss subwoofer. The home-cinema surround sound of this choice composition allows you to fully exploit the sound environments of your favorite games as the sound engineers and creators of the game imagined. In this regard, do not hesitate to come and test your favorite PS4 game with our Home-cinema composition or with one of our “Gaming” headsets; you should greatly enjoy the experience by sitting in front of our Sony KDL-55W815B Full HD 3D TV.

BH has always worked for the “Gaming” universe and continues to do so with a specific category “Gaming headsets” on the website as well as a dedicated space in our BH store in Paris-Parmentier. An environmental demo space that allows you to test some of the audio capabilities of the Sony PS4 console and one of the compatible “Gaming” headsets from our selection. Whether you are an occasional or advanced gamer or you use your console to play your Blu-ray movies, this space will arouse your curiosity.

Ps: Discover our selection of PC or console “Gaming” headsets in our dedicated area.

Ps 2: Discover our selection of Home-cinema composition on


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