Harman Kardon headphones: beautiful sound!


The first headphones from the manufacturer Harman Kardon have just been released! So we wish good luck to Harman for this new series of headphones… Beautiful sound or not beautiful sound?

You were seduced by Madame J LO walking barefoot in her living room devastated by an overpowering sound? You’re going to love the video of violinist Miri Ben-Ari, who comes to support the highly anticipated release of the first range of headphones from Harman Kardon!

Joking aside, we were really looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) what Harman was capable of doing in the field of headphones… In the absence of having really heard them, we were able to hold them in our hands and turn them over from every angle: the first impression is therefore really positive! The materials chosen are of excellent quality (metal structure), and the neo-retro look perfectly suited to the most classy creations of our time. This range of Harman headphones is currently made up of 5 references, all compatible with Apple iDevices, which range between 99 and 299€. The most affordable of the series is an in-ear headphone dubbed Harman NI. It adopts aluminum alloy shells, an impedance of 28 Ohms, and a nice sensitivity of 118 dB! Taking up the outline of its little brother, the pair of intra Harman AE adds a good dose of extra bass (it goes down to 16Hz against 20Hz for the NI), thanks to transducers optimized for the occasion (the sensitivity climbs to 120 dB). But the models that are attracting the most attention are still the roll-bar helmets! With their “mouth to die for”, and above all, their 40 mm HP with airflow system, these closed headphones promise a very beautiful sound.

The Harman CL headphones are a supra-auricular model, equipped with a detachable cable, and pivoting ear cups. Here again, the impedance of 32 Ohms is perfectly suited to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), and the sensitivity remains particularly high (119 dB all the same!). For its part, the wireless headset Harman BT is the Bluetooth version of CL, from which he uses the transducers and the armature. However, it adopts a more pleasant circumaural design (a matter of taste…). The most attractive element of its characteristics lies in its APT-X/AAC compatibility, but also in its autonomy of 12 hours! Finally, Harman gives us a NC version (for Noise Cancelling) with active noise reduction, which will delight nomads accustomed to hectic environments. This time, we’re going back to an over-the-ear design. Battery life is 40 hours, but you can continue to use this NC (just like the Harman BT) once the battery runs out: just connect the included mini-jack to mini-jack cable!

To conclude, note that apple fans will appreciate the iDevices compatible remote control and microphone (the BT integrates these functions directly on the headset). Of course, we will test these helmets long, wide and across, as soon as we have a little time… But we can already guess what the results will be! In the meantime, watch the short video of the seductive violinist Miri Ben-Ari, muse of Harman Helmets. Beautiful Sound!

Miri Ben-Ari: talent, her violin, and her Harman headphones!

Introducing the Harman Kardon Headphone Range (NC, BT, CL, AE, NI)

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