Headphones: more than 200 models to listen to!


Trusting the tests is a good start… But testing the helmets yourself is even better! The BH stores in Boulogne Paris offer you more than 200 models of audio headphones that you can listen to and compare as you see fit.

See. Test. To listen.

At cobra, you can find the best headphones of the moment, thanks to a huge choice in all categories: Audiophile headphones, In-ear or sports headphones, Bluetooth headphones, TV, Nomad… There is necessarily THE headphones that suit you! We are official resellers of the most beautiful brands on the planet, with for example Audeze, B&W, Final Audio, Sennheiser, Master & Dynamic, Fostex, Focal, Shure, Ultrasone, Grado, Meze, Oppo, Sony, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic , Technics, Sonus Faber, Pioneer, Kef, Audioquest, Parrot, Denon, B&O, JBL and many more! You also have the possibility of testing the headphones in association with dozens and dozens of headphone amps, audiophile DAPs, or portable DACs…

Whether you are looking for an in-ear headset at €40, or an audiophile headset at €4000, we invite you to come and discover the most beautiful demonstration areas in France in our stores in Boulogne and Paris! And don’t forget: at BH, prices are negotiable in stores 😉

BH Paris

BH Boulogne


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