House of Marley: committed eco-friendly helmets, and high quality!


If the name Marley does not mean anything to you, then we can do nothing for you… For the others, know that BH welcomes, by popular demand, a new brand that goes by the name of House of Marley! A whole philosophy, which we invite you to discover in more detail. In roots…

The House of Marley firm was founded by Rohan Marley, in order to meet 3 very specific objectives: sound quality, respect for the environment, and humanitarian commitment. Qualities that have rarely come together so well!

Designed to last, House of Marley helmets use quality materials, chosen for their endurance and robustness. These materials are also eco-friendly, since they have a controlled imprint on our environment. FSC-certified wood, recycled aluminium, recycled cardboard packaging, wiring covered in fabric rather than plastic… All the elements that make up House of Marley helmets are made from renewable or sustainable resources. Even more commendable, we note that the House of Marley company supports body and soul the humanitarian association 1Love, run by members of the Marley family, which helps to promote youth, peace and respect for the planet.

Discover now all the House of Marley products, including the famous Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones, or the excellent Revolution, Destiny TTR, Stir it up, Exodus and Positive vibration headphones! And to celebrate our partnership with this very beautiful brand, we are offering you two exclusive launch prices… One love!


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