How to break in a Hi-Fi speaker or Headphones?


Why break-in a loudspeaker, what are the different break-in techniques, how long does it take, is it possible to shorten the process… These questions are important, and are too often neglected! However, before being broken in, no loudspeaker can fully express itself.

the break-in applies to all loudspeakers, whether integrated into a Hi-Fi Speaker or an Audio Headphone! So before taking full advantage of the acoustic qualities of your new acquisition, you will have to be patient… from 5 to 100 hours and more according to reviews! Find out how to properly break in your speakers and headphones thanks to our special file:

Why break in a speaker or headphones?

How to do a good run-in?

Any tips for speeding up the break-in?

We will not discuss here the subject of running in electronics (amps, CD players, preamps, etc.) and cables (HP, RCA, XLR, etc.), but note that they do exist. We will come back there next time. Click here to discover our full article on break-in !


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