Lehmann Linear D: new headphone amplifier with 24/192 DAC


In the world of headphone amplifiers, there is the Linear, and there are the others… The German manufacturer Lehmann is back with a new version of its best-seller, this time equipped with Optical and Coaxial digital inputs capable of working up to at 24 Bit / 192 kHz. Here is the Linear D!

Lehmann Audio Linear D

The digital inputs and the ESS Saber K2M DAC aren’t the only changes the Linear D makes over the classic Linear. The chassis and the analog/digital circuits have been modified to guarantee even higher performance. For example, there are Silver Mica capacitors on the main board and in the converter filter, or even SSC absorbing feet that decouple the device from its base. Below, you will also come across Dip switches allowing you to adjust the gain up to +20dB.à

The amplification stage remains in class A as on its little brothers, and without much surprise we find audiophile components, a toroidal transformer, an ALPS potentiometer, an aluminum front panel… In short, everything that made the success Lehmann Linear for the past 10 years! A quick tour of the connectors is essential, with Optical, Coaxial + RCA sockets at the input, and 6.35 mm Jack + RCA connectors at the output. In addition to being a DAC and a headphone amp, it is therefore also a preamp!

Voted best headphone amplifier at the CanJam, the Lehmann Audio Linear D has already received great awards… Come and discover it on permanent display in our Paris showroom!


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