Listen to Final Audio headphones soon in BH showrooms!


Good news for headphones lovers: the Japanese brand Final Audio Design will soon be appearing in the BH showrooms in Paris and Boulogne! Exported to our beautiful hexagon recently, this brand has already conquered many audiophiles in the world, and won the most beautiful awards…

The firm FinalAudio was founded in 1974 by Kanemori Takai, in Japan. The first products made by the brand were phono cartridges and MC transformers of high standing.

Over the past 40 years, FinalAudio endeavored to produce products hi fi high-end innovative, capable of delivering the most natural sound. The audiophiles -mainly Japanese- were thus able to discover the Turntable Parthenon, acclaimed around the world, or theamp high end Music and the Daruma vibration isolator (based on a ball bearing mechanism). The most attentive also certainly remember thepregnant Opus 204 and its 800 kg (!!!), with its stainless steel roof…

That was before… In 2007, FinalAudio embark on the adventure of headphones, starting a collaboration with one of the largest connector manufacturers in the world, Molex Japan. There follow audiophile headphones of exception, and in-ear headphones among the best on the market. Recently, Final Audio products have been exported beyond the borders of Japan, and more particularly to Europe, obtaining the most prestigious awards and the respect of audiophiles.

All Helmets FinalAudio are handmade in Japan, except for the most affordable models which are designed to specifications. You will soon be able to find these helmets in our Showrooms in Paris and Boulogne, or on the BHson website!


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