NAD Viso HP50: the first NAD Helmet is released!


We had to wait more than 40 years for the NAD firm to release its first headphones! Named Viso HP50, it embodies all the NAD values, and does not succumb to the sirens of exotic technologies with dubious sound results. Simple and effective, just the way we like it!

NAD was founded in 1972 by Martin L. Borish… Only a few years later, at the end of the 1970s, the NAD 3020 integrated amplifier became legendary! So trust them, because when they release a product, they know what they are doing! No wonder this NAD Viso HP50 headset looks so promising…

The first opinions on this helmet are extremely positive: we also reserve a complete test for you as soon as it is sufficiently run in! In the meantime, why not enjoy a little video made by us? You will be able to find out more about the finish, the accessories provided, the packaging, the look… Very valuable for those who will not have the chance to come and test these NAD Viso HP50 circum-auricular headphones in stores!

Have a nice weekend everyone 😉

Find the NAD Viso HP50 helmet and all NAD products on our BHson website!


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