New arrivals: Audiofly AF240, DJI Drones, Ultrasound Headphones, TNT HD Tuners…


This week, lovers of beautiful Headphones will be delighted! Firstly because they will finally be able to test the first headband headphones from the Australian magician Audiofly. And also because the German Ultrasone is starting its big comeback at BH. But we will also talk about intelligent Drones, TNT HD Tuners, and waterproof Walkmans…

Faced with demand, and after an absence of a few months, the German brand Ultrasone is gradually returning to your favorite Serpent. This week, we therefore received the first batch, with the Ultrasone Performance 840, 860 or 880 headphones that you already knew, and a new one that goes by the name of 820. At 148€, the latter is the most affordable of the series. However, it offers the same comfort as its elders, excellent 40 mm speakers with a PET membrane, Neodymium/Iron/Boron magnets, and S-Logic Plus technology.

The 840 takes all this paraphernalia, taking care to add ULE technology (MU Metal shielding) which eliminates 98% of the radiation generated by the magnetic fields of the transducers. The 860 benefits from loudspeakers with gold-plated PET diaphragms, and the 880, from PET transducers with titanium-plated diaphragms. All headphones in the Ultrasone Performance series have an impedance of 32 Ohms, and are delivered with two cables: one 3m with mini-jack end, and the other 1.2m with microphone + remote control for smartphones.

Better known for its in-ear headphones, the Australian Audiofly recently launched its first headband headphones! Unlike the Ultrasone headphones presented above, the Audiofly AF240 adopts an over-ear design. Its 3D mechanism nevertheless gives it an excellent level of comfort, with most morphologies. Note the metal frame, the polycarbonate shells housing 40 mm speakers with neodymium magnets, and the detachable Cordura cable with fabric covering. The latter has an iOS / Android compatible microphone and remote control.

It is also the great period of TNT HD Tuners! The new MPEG-4 standard arriving at the beginning of April, these small boxes are in high demand… Many references have arrived in stock, and it is not necessary to spend a fortune to make your TV compatible: qualitative solutions exist from 32.90 €! We also received TNT HD satellite decoders (in this case, a dish is necessary): these devices are very practical if you are in an area with poor or non-existent coverage. To know everything about the transition from DTT to HD, it’s here!

Many may not know it, but the Chinese brand DJI is celebrating its 10th anniversary. For 10 years, this drone manufacturer has been spinning its connected flying objects in the sky with a success that is matched only by the quality of its products! Recognizable among all with their large-scale design, DJI drones like the Phantom 3 are capable of extraordinary prowess, both in piloting and in taking photos and videos in 4K quality. The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is a great example!

Finally, we wanted to introduce you to a series of waterproof audio headphones incorporating a real digital music player. We didn’t even have time to put them on the website, but the concept seemed interesting enough to inform you that they were now in stock. Signed Sony, these walkmans go by the name of NW-ZW273 NW-ZW274 and NW-ZW615. If it is mainly the storage capacity that differs between these models (4, 8 and 16Gb), the most high-end also offers bluetooth compatibility with NFC.

Here is our selection of the week! As usual, all these products are on permanent display in the BH stores in Paris and Boulogne…


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