New Hi-Fi arrivals: intra RHA range, Cambridge G5, Creative E series…


Like last week, we offer you a small overview of some products arrived in stock this beginning of the week. On the program, from in-ear headphones signed RHA, from thewireless speaker luxury with the Cambridge G5, or even DAC/Headphone Amps affordable at Creative… You can find all these beautiful people on the site, or in BH stores in Boulogne and Paris !

In-RHA Headsets

The RHA range is now complete! We already offered you the excellent Hi-Res Audio RHA MA750 and T10 headphones (also available in the “i” version with microphone + iOS remote control)… They are now joined by the most prestigious models from the British manufacturer, the astonishing T20/T20i, both equipped with DualCoil transducers double spool and injection molded stainless steel hulls. Heavy ! More affordable, the MA600/MA600i, MA450i and MA350 share the same structure in aluminum (with it seems, a more or less refined material and machining depending on whether you go upmarket). transducers 320.1 are the property of the MA600/MA600i, when the MA450i and MA350 adopt HP 130.5. Finally, the small RHA S500 and its 10 grams will surprise more than one, especially at the launch price of 39€: you can also count on a aluminum shell, and transducers 140.1 developed in-house! Robust and well designed, they are all guaranteed 3 years

Cambridge G5 speaker

Luxurious, this wireless speaker was developed by Cambridge, a recognized specialist in the world of High Fidelity, which recently graced us with an essential series of electronics called CX. With the G5, Cambridge tackles the segment of wireless speakers top of the line and puts all the arguments on its side: neat look, meticulously studied acoustic design, ultra user-friendly features… We are a long way from the plastic “toys” sold by certain manufacturers! In fact, this speaker Bluetooth APT-X + NFC enjoys a speaker system powered by a digital amplifier, and reinforced by the addition of a passive radiator. We should also note a few well-regarded functions, such as the possibility of forming a stereo pair by combining two G5s, or the mini-jack output allowing this speaker to be used as a bluetooth receiver. This, without forgetting the rechargeable battery providing 14 hours of autonomy, the microphone for taking calls, or the USB port charging your smartphones.

Creative Sound Blaster E

We start here at 49€ with a small portable headphone amp, the Creative E1, which can also act as a DAC converter until 24Bit/44.1kHz in conjunction with a computer Macs/PCs. The Creative E3 comes just above, at 129€, and mainly adds compatibility of the DAC function with smartphones iOS or Android (until 24Bit/48kHz). Reading digital streams from a MAC/PC is effective until 24Bit/96kHz. Finally, the Creative E5 comes to oversee the range, with a DAC CS4398 and beefier headphone amp. We pass here on a 24/192 decoding for the MAC/PC, 24/96 for iOS devices, and 16/44.1 for Android devices (curious, because the E3 is supposed to decode streams in 24/48…). The connectors is more complete than on the other models (inputs/outputs Mini-jack + Optical mixed…), and Creative introduces its sound processor SB-Axx1. All of these DACs/Headphone Amps are powered by drums rechargeable, have the Bluetooth (+NFC), a microphone to answer calls, and have the particularity of being able to supply two headphones at the same time, thanks to their double mini-jack output!

That’s all for today… On the program of the next arrivals, you will find in particular the long-awaited Parrot Zik V3, and the range of intelligent musical lamps AwoX ! Remember that almost all the products referenced on are also offered in demonstration in shops BH of Boulogne and Paris !


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