New Oppo 2015: Orthoplanar headphones PM-3 and Amp/DAC HA-2


And it continues ! The Oppo California division is back with some pretty impressive new products: a stunning orthoplanar headset costing around €500, and a portable headphone amp with 32Bits/384kHz DAC. Decidedly, the little guys at Oppo are very inventive…

Helmet Oppo PM-3 is displayed at a price of around 500€, half less than its big brother PM-2 from which it takes the foundations. For its part, the headphone amplifier Oppo HA-2 is positioned at 399€, which is still 1000€ less than its elder HA-1. Range Oppo is growing, and the competition is trembling…

the Oppo HA-2 does not just offer a powerful amplification circuit in class AB, capable of driving headphones with an impedance between 16 and 300 Ohms : he also adopts a splendid ESS Saber DAC ES9018-K2M, and can thus accept PCM streams up to 32Bit/384kHz or even the DSD 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz (in DoP or native). Thanks to its ports Asynchronous USB, the Oppo HA-2 can be associated with a device android, a iPod/iPad/iPhone or one Macs/PCs. The analog connector is not to be outdone, with a mini jack output to connect your headphones (switch integrated impedance), and an input which can also play the role of line out (useful for connecting the HA-2 to a pair of active speakers, a preamp, or a stereo amp). Very nice chassis aluminum bonus !

For his part, the Oppo PM-3 aims to be a nomadic version of architecture close popular PM-1 and PM-2 headphones. It uses the principle of transducers orthoplanar at multilayer membranes and magnetic system FEM in push-pull symmetrical. Ultra light, it weighs only 320 grams, and can also be associated with a smartphone (26 Ohms and 102dB !), than a high-end headphone amp. It is supplied with a 3 meter mini-jack cable (with 6.35 mm screw adapter), a 1.2 meter mini-jack cable carrying a pair of microphone/remote control certified iPod/iPhone, and a luxurious carrying pouch. For the first time, this helmet is available in two finishes: Black, like its big brothers, or White. Sound&Vision considers it the “best closed-back headphones currently available”

Oppo is not idle, and after having literally dominated the segment of high-end Blu-ray players in recent years, intends to upset the bubbling market of headphones. With such achievements, we can say that it’s off to a good start!


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