NuForce MMP portable headphone amplifier, the Mobile Music Pump!


You have certainly already noticed: when you listen to music from your smartphone with demanding headphones, the volume is systematically insufficient, and the songs are sorely lacking in relief… In short, “it doesn’t do it”, but then not at all ! The solution is however in 2 names: NuForce MMP…

the NuForce MMP is a portable headphone amp, self-powered by an integrated battery providing it with 8 hour battery life. Thinner than iPhone 5, this small case of 5.8 x 1 x 4.7cm weighs only 22 grams, which makes it very practical to take along and above all, very easy to store in a pocket.

But the 100% transportable side of this NuForce MMP is not its only asset, quite the contrary. With her dual 3.5 mm mini-jack output, it will allow you to connect two headphones at the same time, for example to share your music with a friend. Suitable for most over-ear headphones with medium/high impedance, or low sensitivity, the NuForce MMP will make the demanding transducers of your Hi-Fi or Nomad headphones sing. And if you find that the volume isn’t loud enough yet, you can always switch the gain level, to reach up to 5x the one from the source!!! Economical, it recharges via any USB port, and has an on/off button.

We first tried it with circum-aural 32 Ohm headphones equipped with 40mm speakers, the NuForce HP-800 (sensitivity 91 dB). The observation is obvious, we obtain a much better dynamics, and many more depth. While the tunes seemed a bit flat with an iPhone alone, here they acquire a punch very appreciable, and liveliness surprising. Even though the headphone amp NuForce MMP is content to boost the signal, it’s day and night! We can finally get a very satisfactory level of listening, and the small loss of quality caused by this extra power is almost inaudible. So we wondered what he could do with the BeyerDynamic T70, a big baby 240 Ohms.

There, of course, we went a little too hard. the NuForce MMP begins to show its limits… But still manages marvelously well!!! We had to push the gain switch to 5x, to obtain a satisfactory listening volume, capable of making people nod and tap their feet. Admittedly, the sound signature of these high-end headphones is slightly altered, but the overall sound remains very significant… Especially since it is not given to everyone to be able to listen to their smartphone in the street, with headphones. 240 Ohms ! This should delight owners of Hi-Fi headphones wishing to take advantage of their beautiful acquisition on the go. A modest investment compared to its usefulness !!!

To conclude, the portable headphone amp NuFroce MMP is a real workhorse, which only costs 49€… A must-have if you find your headphones a little dull when plugged into a smartphone or tablet! It is therefore very aptly named Mobile Music Pump (Mobile Music Pump).


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