Oppo PM-1 & HA-1: words fail us…


Oppo has given us some of the best audiophile Blu-ray players in the world. The manufacturer is now stepping back into the niche with PM-1 headphones and HA-1 headphone amplifier with stratospheric performance! To listen imperatively, if only for your technophile culture 🙂

Oppo PM-1

Helmet Oppo PM-1 is really not like the others, in the sense that its level of technicality is rather unique in its kind. First it adopts transducers orthoplanar proprietary, instead of the commonly used dynamic HPs. Then he calls a symmetrical magnetic system in push-pull, which uniformly drives the double-sided 7-layer membrane of the transducers. The structure in aluminum, the elements filled with leather, and the box in drink genuine reminder that this helmet is a luxury product! The result ? Simply magical listening, which brilliantly combines dynamism, precision, attention to detail, balance and naturalness, to deliver sound performances that we had not heard for very long months (HD800, Stax…). Besides, all the critics are UNANIMOUS, whether it’s the press (What Hi-Fi, Digital Trends…), specialized sites (Qobuz, HD Fever, Inner Fidelity…), and the most picky audiophile forumers!

Oppo HA-1

As if that were not enough, Oppo accompanies the release of its PM-1 headphones with the launch of a headphone amplifier, the Oppo HA-1. Uh… Do you believe us if we tell you that this is without doubt one of the best headphone amplifiers with integrated DAC that we have ever heard? Equipped with a diagram entirely symmetrical, the HA-1 uses amplifier and preamplification stages in class A, known for its musicality. We also note the integration of a huge toroidal transformer signed Oppo Hi-Fi Audio, and sections ofseparate power supplies for analog and digital parts. Full of High End components (Sanken, Omron, Su’scon…), it features a DAC ESS Saber ES9018 notably capable of managing audio streams up to 32Bits/384kHz on its port Asynchronous USB (DSD 64/128/256 compatibility). And its module Bluetooth integrated is compatible APT-X, for wireless streaming in CD quality from a compatible device. Finally, Oppo offers a plethora of connections (including XLR), and even a iOS app !

See you at the end of August in BH stores to test the helmet Oppo PM-1, and the headphone amplifier Oppo HA-1 ! In the meantime, you can revel in the many test benches available on the web, and more particularly those very complete – and in French – from our friends at HD Fever!


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