Pioneer SE-Master 1 helmet: an ultra-limited production for this new legend!


The most high-end headphones ever made by the giant Pioneer have been entirely handcrafted in Japan at the Tohoku factory, Tendo.

For the past few days, lovers of Audiophile Headphones have been able to listen to and take control of the famous Pioneer SE-Master 1, the true flagship of the Japanese firm. The initial idea is simple: to offer the best sound possible, without any cost restrictions! A legend is born.

At the heart of hi-fi headphones Pioneer SE-Master 1, we find 50mm speakers whose ultra thin diaphragm in aluminum was covered with ceramic (Parker PCC ceramic). We are therefore on drivers of equivalent size to those offered by its most serious competitors, starting with the Sennheiser HD 800 from Germany (56 mm), and the Grado PS1000e landed in the USA (50 mm). On the other hand, the advertised bandwidth is much wider (5Hz-85kHz), which implies increased precision and linearity over the frequency range audible to the human ear.

The aluminum shells housing these loudspeakers are composed of precision elements, each meticulously studied to guarantee an optimal acoustic ground. Such a level of precision is also the result of meticulous assembly, carried out by hand. A heavy research work has also been carried out on the structure of the helmet, which here adopts a floating mount designed to effectively minimize resonances. Attention to detail has been applied to all plans, right down to the wiring: just hold the detachable cord in braided rope and its high-end connectors MMCX to understand it.

This Pioneer SE-Master 1 is also exemplary in terms of comfort. His earpieces circum-auricular perfectly envelop the ear, and the 3D mechanism adapts to all head shapes. The Japanese manufacturer has also had the good idea to offer two adjustable tension rods and interchangeable, which allow to adjust the lateral pressure of the helmet on the skull. You can also opt for a optional XLR-MMCX cable, in case you want to pair it with a high-end headphone amp like the Pioneer U-05S.

Ah yes, we almost forgot to mention that this headset is one of the only (the only?) to benefit from a acoustic calibration and one AIR Studio certified ! Okay? Sound level, we could have praised its spatialization, its balance, its precision… But the best thing is to give you an appointment at the store to test one of the best headphones we’ve ever heard.

The Pioneer SE-Master One headphones are on permanent demo at BH (Paris)!


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