Pioneer XDP-100: MQA update!


The MQA are finally here!

Since yesterday, the excellent Pioneer XDP-100 portable player has been entitled to an update allowing playback of the MQA format. As a reminder, MQA is the abbreviation of Master Quality Authenticated: basically, it is a question of packaging the equivalent of a 24 Bit / 192 kHz file, in a container barely larger than a 16 Bit / 44 .1kHz. At present, Onkyo Music, 7Digital and Tidal seem to be the only services to offer MQA. Rest assured, others should follow very quickly, as the format is so promising.

When you play an MQA file on the Pioneer XDP-100, the player displays a color indicator right next to the format. If the indicator is green, this indicates that the quality of the decoded file is strictly identical to the source file. When the indicator is blue, we are in this case in the presence of a file read and approved in the studio (by the artist, the producer, etc.). If you want to know more about this codec, go to our article What is MQA.


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